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Thread: MY00 - Won't go into third gear

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    Dave T-S

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    My wife has said her car has had difficulty going from second into third on occasions - only when overtaking or accelerating very hard - situations like pulling away from lights in traffic OK. It has been OK when I drive it until last night. Here's what it did:

    Driving along, I slowed down to 10mph or so in second gear as someone turning right in front. When they turned off, road clear in front (60mph limit) so floored it in second, up to around 5-6000 rpm then went to change to third. Would not go into third - physically impossible as if something was blocking the gearlever position. Went to fourth - ok and tried to go back to third. Would not go into third. Tried fifth - would not go into that either. Ok back to fourth. Drove back home in fourth, around 1.5 miles. Third and fifth still lost for this distance. At the junction along from my house it would not go into first but second OK.

    When I got to my drive and drove in it still would not go into first but second OK.

    When I got into the drive and stopped all gears came back. Haven't driven it yet today but all gears OK getting it out of the garage.

    Car is MY00 UK car, standard apart from SS full exhaust from turbo back and ITG filter.
    4500 miles, run in properly, not normally thrashed (except the minority of the time I drive it ).

    All the gears where the gearstick goes backwards (second and fourth) worked and none of those where it goes forwards (first, third and fifth) worked. It came back when the car was static.

    It seems to be a problem exacerbated when the gearbox was in a high torque situation (nailing it in second)and the car is noticeably more powerful/torquey than standard with the inlet/exhaust setup on it.

    I suspect it is a selector/baulk ring/syncromesh problem. It is a long time since I worked in the garage trade and took a gearbox apart but it is obvious that when one of the gearbox gearshafts was moving in one direction the gears would not engage but in the other direction it was OK.

    I've searched the archives but not come up with a similar fault. Any offers??

    I shall talk to the dealer tomorrow (Days of Chelmsford) but forewarned is forearmed.

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    Pete Croney



    I recently lost third and know of several other 99/00 that have had their gearboxes replaced/rebuilt.

    There are two problems. 1) the selector mechanisms seem to be failing on a few cars 2) the locating nut on one of the shafts works loose.

    Sounds like yours is number 1)

    Days will know all about it.

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    Dave T-S




    Will hassle Edward when (if) it gets more than intermittent.


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