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10th March 2001, 06:57
I'll keep it simple...what weight oil should be run in the WRX?


Mike Tuckwood
10th March 2001, 13:02
Which WRX, what mod's, what's the weather like, what are you using the car for (apart from the obvious), Is it in warranty?


10th March 2001, 17:59
I live in the SanFrancisco Bay area of California. The weather is mild.Year round avearage temps in the mid 60s- 70s. Not very warm. The car will be daily driven and road raced. It is the MY01 WRX to you UKers, MY02 in the US. Ok stop laughing, and tell me what weight to run. Oh yeah, I routenly beat the hell out of my cars. There are a lot of back roads here, and I take them all at least twice monthly, and I drive like a nut.
I already have Cusco Coilovers, OZ prodrive wheels, Anti lift kit, Cusco catch can, HKS evc4, other misc. stuff.


Jan Shim
10th March 2001, 22:59

I'll keep it simple (and polite http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif)
READ THE MANUAL !! From your description and my brief stay in San Francisco a while back (was reasonably warm but very humid), I'd say 5w-40 as an good all rounder. Since Subaru frowns on use of fully synthetics, I now run Mobil Super S 10w-40 semi-synthetic


11th March 2001, 10:55
10w-40 for me too http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

11th March 2001, 19:18
Sorry MrShim if ya though I was rude. Not my intension at all. I only meet not to waste your time with unecessary(spelling?) length.
I don't have the car yet, I havent seen the manual yet. Thanks guys for the info.