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19th February 2001, 20:31
Sorry to ask this "muppet" question but I can´t get a straight answer even from my dealer!
When you´re supposed to have a max. oil-level in your engine, where´s oilmarking supposed to be on the stick??
You´ve got an "F", a hole and a notch on the stick! Which is the right option?
My dealer just fill her up with the right (?) amount of oil and that´s it. He seems to give the ***** on how the stick reeds!
I´d really appreciate if anyone could give me an answer!

bye / Roger fr. Sweden

19th February 2001, 22:57
Its the hole!
Cheers JohnD

20th February 2001, 01:21
Many thanks John!


20th February 2001, 13:24

the oil level should be at the hole when the engine is COLD, and at the top notch when it is HOT. So the level will depend on when you fill it up.

Hope this helps,


20th February 2001, 20:11
You must make sure the car is parked on level ground, a slight incline makes a huge difference http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif

20th February 2001, 21:54
Thanks all! Feel less stupid now ;)

cheers / Roger

Jan Shim
24th February 2001, 03:45
Not entirely correct Pat about oil level being at the notch when HOT.This depends on WHEN the oil is checked after the hot engine has been turned off. You can never be sure on the accuracy of a hot oil because depending on the"stickiness" not all of it will flow back down that quickly. I find the most accurate time to check engine oil is right in the morning but make double sure the car is parked on level ground. I once visited the in-laws and had a shock of my life–there was virtually NO OIL on the dip stick. Then i realised the back of the car was lower than the front so as soon as i rolled the car onto what appeared to be level ground, oil level was spot on.

Also, there are mechanics out there who simply pull the dip stick in and re-insert it any way he sees convenient–BIG MISTAKE!!. The WRX/STi dip stick is not the same as a Toyotal Corolla's and must be inserted with the "oil can" logo right side up. Try inserting the wrong way and you'll see you have too much oil.

Also, the difference between the L and H holes is, according to Subaru workshop manual, 1 litre of oil.