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Ian Waller
5th February 2001, 12:28
How do I set about getting more torque?

Below is my graph from Powerstation, wow notice the flat spot at the top, I think that this has been cured now by the addition of a K&N induction kit (certainly feels better http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif )

Does the torque look a little low, or do the early STi's have less torque? Anyway, how can I get more, and how will this relate to BHP?

Ian http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/confused.gif

Simon Moxon
5th February 2001, 15:13

do the early STi's have less torque?

Looking at the dyno figures on the Scoobynet site, it appears not. Your figures, also compare well with the other standard STis on PS's rollers.

how can I get more?

The fitting of a performance downpipe, such as the Scoobysport item will increase you low down torque, and will allow your turbo to spool up quicker. If that is still not enough, then a new ECU + decent remap will release a lot more low down power.

How will this relate to BHP?

Torque is basically HP relative to RPM, and is an actual measurement of your engines performance. On a rolling road, the BHP figure is a calculated value from this torque figure:

Horsepower = torque * revs/minute / 5252

so to calculate torque from BHP you would use:

Torque = horsepower / revs/minute * 5252

Hope that helps


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