View Full Version : Torque figures on PS rollers.

26th January 2001, 11:44

I recently visited Powerstations rollers after fitting a SS downpipe. BHP had increased but torque remained the same at 225lb/ft. Looking at similar spec cars with modded ecus this figure seems low in comparison. All the unichip cars (as mine is)seem to produce a lower torque figure than the link cars. Why is this?

Danny Fisher
26th January 2001, 11:57
Mo, this could be down to two things.

1, The cars are mapped using different technology, and different people.
2, Not all cars are the same. Have a look at the dyno site again, this time looking at two cars of the same year, and as close as poss. mods too.


PS. I sometime wonder about how they load the cars when on the rollers? Just my opion.

26th January 2001, 13:06
Thanks Dan, it didn't even cross my mind to look at the year of the car! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/redface.gif Mine is a 94MY.

26th January 2001, 13:11

I have a MY94 WRX 4dr with a few mods - nothing fancy. I shall post my dyno specs on here when I find them.