View Full Version : Battery replacment problem

15th January 2001, 15:48
Few days ago I had to replace my Scooby's old battery after more than 2 years of faithful service. I bought new one and after less than 5 minutes work time everything seems to be OK.
But .... since the replacement the engine idle speed seems to be wrong.
When stopping at a traffic light the engine stall and I have to restart it.

Any idea what went wrong and how should I fix it ???

16th January 2001, 14:52
I just spoke with a technical guy from Subaru in Israel and said something about that it's a well know common problem.
According to him all I have to do is "reset the air flow meter".
Any comments?

22nd January 2001, 19:36
I replaced a battery on my car recently too. I had removed the old one the previous night to try recharge it but it did not work. So in my wifes car I went to the local Autofactors & bought a new one. I noticed no idling issue.

BTW if you goto http://www.scooby.co.uk/diy/

Theres a section there baout RESETTING the ECU & it works http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif