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11th January 2001, 17:16
Hi, quick question.

Having a knocklink fitted tomorrow, and would like to know what the best place is for the sensor - to get optimal results - on the Impreza.

Also, are there any special considerations for the way you attach the sensor to the engine.

Thanks in advance,


11th January 2001, 17:24
Hi Theo!

If it's there, then the best place is a spare bolt hole on the block pretty much directly under the idle speed controller (to the right of the intake manifold on everything up to MY99, on MY99 onwards, just look behind the ignition coils, down on the block there may be a spare bolt hole...).

This places the sensor almost ontop of No. 4 and opposite the infamous No. 3, should provide a really good strong clean signal from this location.

Only special consideration is to bolt it down pretty tight, and make sure there is good metal to metal contact....



11th January 2001, 19:04
actually I was just about to post a similar topic.....on my WRX the knock sensor is located almost directly on top of where the engine number is stamped.
I know for sure that it wasn't in the same place as that on my previous impreza.
I was just about to ask whether it was ok located there, but I guess I didn't realise that there is more than one suitable place...

12th January 2001, 06:38
Thanks for the quick reply Pat ! In the mean time, I also received a mail from BRD, so I should be well equipped today.

Iceman, just to be clear: I am talking about an additional sensor. I had heard that it's best to leave the original sensor untouched, so that it can still give it's signals to the ECU without any interference.



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12th January 2001, 19:59
Bang on theo...you have to leave the original one in, as that will restrict the engine somewhat when it detects knock. I think that the knock link sensor is just that, and not wired to the ecu? (maybe wrong)

But just to add some humour to the thread for fear of being to serious, I heard that someone once put one of these on the exhaust to their nova because their peco was knocking.


16th January 2001, 17:03
What about plugging the KNOCK LINK to the stock knock sensor, and plugging the ECU to the one below the ISC...????
Anyone has pictures of where they have installed their knock sensors