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Simon Roe
11th December 2000, 17:41
Anyone else had problems with the fuel filter at the fuel tank end?

Had my MY96 UK Wagon serviced (non-subaru garage) they fitted a new subaru filter which within 2miles restricted fuel flow so much it would not start.
The garage took it out and checked it and couldn't find any evidence of dirt but the flow through the filter was definitly not right so they suspected a faulty filter.

So they ordered a pattern part fuel filter and it ran lovely for 2000miles and then the fuel flow problem occurred again.

They have just checked the filter and checked all the fuel pipes and checked system pressure etc etc.. and found nothing wrong but it is now running like a dream again with the filter that wasn't working yesterday?

Strange? perhaps I had some dirt in the system which built up over the 2000miles in the filter but if that were the case how come it runs fine with the same filter now?
They found no evidence of dirt or anything?

13th December 2000, 19:30
Hi Simon,
what exactly is happening ?

I had a problem with my impreza cutting out with an erratic fuel supply....turned out to be the fuel pump relay, its located way way up behind the dashboard on the drivers side footwell,it can just be accessed by removing the panel below the steering wheel and reaching up directly above the fusebox,there is a row of relays, one of them is for the fuel pump (green plug IIRC)

mine looked ok but was faulty,causing fuel supply to be cut

it took almost two months for me to find this fault, sometimes it would run ok for weeks without occuring,every time I got it checked out,no one could find anything...
I had by this time changed the fuel filter and the complete fuel pump assembly,amongst other things

yours may be a completely diferent fault but you could always try...


Simon Roe
14th December 2000, 09:00
cheers Iceman,
basically it just wouldn't start when I tried and the engine turned over and over.
Eventually it started and I limped the 1000yards back to the garage (I work opposite) and they put the original filter back in and it ran fine.
When it refuses to start you can hear the fuel pump start up and run for 2secs like normal but it won't start when you engage the starter just spins the engine over and over. When you stop turning the engine over you can hear the fuel run back into the tank.
If I turn on the ignition then off and on about 5times it then starts when you engage the starter.
Also down on power when it is running.
It has gone back into the garage again today as it was driving like a two litre this morning rather than a two litre turbo.
The garage plays with it and it runs lovely for a few days...

Simon Roe
15th December 2000, 13:01
Garage fitted another genuine Scooberoo fuel filter yesterday and it seem to drive okay at the moment, see whether this one fails.

I am wondering if I need to investigate fuel pressure a bit more before doing any other mods as it is pointless me fitting a big exhaust if the engine is not getting enough fuel.

15th December 2000, 16:44
yikes! are they charging you 50 for each filter ? thats what I paid for mine....

are you 100% sure that when it doesn't start the pump is running?.....
AFAIK the pump runs for a few seconds when you turn the ignition on to pressurise the system, then when you crank it over,the ecu
can 'see' this as far as I know by some sort of sensor that senses the rev counter and 'tells' the pump to start...
i was told this by a guy that prepares grp N scoobs...
I take it you're not getting any fault codes? AFAIK the only things that you don't get fault codes for are fuel and spark...

Simon Roe
18th December 2000, 09:43
No the garage are only charging me 34 for the first filter and sending them back as faulty... :)

All died on my on Saturday and something made me remove the filler cap and it started.
So I have fitted a filler cap with a hole in.
Dunno if there is a breather in the tank and it is blocked or something.

This morning the power delivery was a bit hessitant to start with but got better.
I shall see how it is on the way home and back to work again tomorrow.

As the garage is a Non-Subaru I don;t think he has looked at the error codes.

Can I look by shorting pins etc? I know with my Toyota I was able to short two pins together and the engine light then flashed a code, anyone elaberate? or do I need it plugged into Subarus bit of kit?

Cheers for any help


Simon Roe
18th December 2000, 16:03
Just read on MRT website about a Legacy having problems with the electric connections to the fuel pump shorting out so I might have to investigate this...

Anyone shed any light?

Simon Roe
19th December 2000, 17:44
The garage have had the car again today and checked all the wiring and the relay and all is apparently fine.
Typically it behaves itself in the garage and only fails when I am in the middle of no where...

Next through is the fuel regulator letring too much fuel back into the tank ??
anyone help?

19th December 2000, 22:11
you have my sympathies
I know EXACTLY how annoying that is....
car acts like a little angel when you leave it in for diagnostic work...

i've just reread your original posts and I notice that its a UK model you have,in that instance if I were you i'd def. take it to a Subaru main dealer...

i desperatly wanted to take mine to my local scooby garage but they look at imports in a rather grey way....
they will know a Subaru inside out and may save you money in the long run...