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11th November 2000, 22:42

For a couple of day's I have problems putting the gear in to 5th.
I own a MY99 Impreza. It has run 28000 km, the last 5000 km with a PPP.

The fact is that shifting from 4th to 5th can only be done slowly. If I push a bit (normal shifting), then the gears are heard.

Is there any chance that the synchromes of the 5th gear already let me down?
Or is there something wrong the clutch adjustment?

Any remarks?


12th November 2000, 19:50
Hi GT3
I also have an my99 and have found the change from 4th to 5th rather baulky, more so the higher the revs. where it can crunch if hurried. It has done it since new! I recently changed the gearbox oil to full synthetic (Silkoline) but with only a very slight improvement. Making sure the clutch is fully depressed helps (in normal changes it is surprising how little you may actually push the clutch!) but this slows the change.
This is actually a fairly common problem!

12th November 2000, 23:23
Thanks for your reply.

The gear changes from 4th to 5th (esp. in high revs) where allways difficult for me too. So, now I know it could be a common problem. But hearing the gears is somthing new for me!
I will check the clutch clearance as soon as possible, but after that ????

Kind regards,

14th November 2000, 22:39
Had the same problem on my old MY99 but in 3rd gear fast changes.

The dealer fiddled with gear box oils but this did nothing.

They ended up changing the syncro which cured it. One problem though, a little later a strange whine appeared that never dissapeared!