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25th September 2000, 13:34
I have just fitted my oil pressure gauge, and just want to check the pressures with those of you that have also got a gauge fitted.
When the oil is warm, at idle I get about 33-35psi. At all other times, even low revs, I get 80-95psi. Does this sound right?
I ask because I have also purchased a sender that will activate a warning light when the pressure drops below 30psi, and going by the fact that it's normally over 80 when driving I was worried it may be a bit low.
I don't mind it coming on when idling, but I'm concerned it may be too low when on track.


25th September 2000, 14:41
Fine for stock car. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

If you are concerned, get an adjustable sender unit... they can go from 10-150psi.


25th September 2000, 14:44

I get about 40psi at idle when warm and nearer 30-35 when stinking hot. I also get 80-95 in normal driving and 110 at idle when cold http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif It's noticeable how much longer it takes for the oil pressure to come up on the gauge in colder weather but I put this down partly to the long pressure pipe to my mechanical gauge and I also noticed a big difference when I changed from Mobil 1 to Mobil 1 Motorsport.


25th September 2000, 14:51
So if the light was to come on whilst on track it wouldn't be too late at 30psi?
Would 50psi not be better as a warning?


29th September 2000, 14:14
The pressures mentioned seem to agree with what I get on a U.K. car. I have to admit the pressure I get of 80+ p.s.i. at anything above 2000 r.p.m. is way above what I have recorded on any other car I have owned.
Would suggest if a 3o p.s.i. light came on at above 2000 r.p.m. even on the track, something has gone badly wrong?
Have you got an oil temp. gauge fitted? Very useful combination.

29th September 2000, 19:17
I am going to get a 70psi sender, as the pressure never drops near this under normal use unless idling, and I can live with the light on then.
I am awaiting an oil temp gauge, for which the sender will be fitted directly into my new sump. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif


Jan Shim
30th September 2000, 02:37
I have an A'pexi oil temp gauge and am thinking of fitting a pressure gauge, very likely the gauge wont be a fancy one with warnings as these usualy cost double.

Stef, you mentioned you fitted a sender that activates a warning light. This i presume is separate from the pressure gauge - can you tell me where this is fitted ?

30th September 2000, 09:32

You have two choices,

Either replace the stock sender unit... with a higher rated/adjustable one.

Or add another sender unit into the same connection (under the alternator).


1st October 2000, 19:56
For what it's worth I'm gonna try a Prodrive Group N or Group A oil pressure bypass valve spring.. this should raise the oil pressure to about 100psi... easier than cracking the block to improve the oil feed to number 3 :) Anyone got any ideas where I can get a good oil pressure sender unit with analogue voltage output? Methinks it best to let my ECU monitor oil pressure and "compensate" if it's not well.... :)