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12th September 2000, 11:40
What boost should an MY98 UK Turbo be producing, in PSI please.

I recently fitted an Autometer PSI Boost gauge to the spare port on the manifold.

The figures im getting are:
Idle: About 20 PSI Vacuum.
Welly: About 8/9 PSI Boost.

Does this sound a little low? Is it the gauge misreading or is it under boosting?


12th September 2000, 14:08

I too have an AutoMeter gauge, and get 12psi boost and 20 Vac.
It depends what mods you have I suppose, but 8/9 sounds a little low unless you're referring to first gear.
A std MY98 should be about 11 psi I believe.


12th September 2000, 14:18
Hmmm thought so.

Mods are Scoobysport centre and backbox and HKS powerflow airfilter (green mushroom). I run on 97 ron and have performed an ECU Reset by disconnecting the battery.

This reading seems to be common to all gears, even when dropping from 3rd to 2nd and booting it.

About a year ago, the car was overboosting. The dealer fixed the problem by fitting a restrictor and stated the car was boosting correctly. I removed the restrictor, but that didnt seem to make any difference to the boost. Looks like the cheeky B***ers dropped the boost in addition to adding the restrictor http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif.

Does anyone have any quick fixes for this or is it back to the dealer time?


12th September 2000, 14:19
Stef, out of interest, how did you fit the gauge? To the manifod port?

I had to buy an additional fitting kit as the one supplied contaned a metal screw thread not a silicone hose http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/confused.gif