View Full Version : Strange noise occurs when turning off engine

10th September 2000, 08:00
My Impreza has started to to a strange noise. It oly occurs when I shut off the engine. When the engine finishes the last revolutions before coming to a halt, there is a sort of squeaking noise coming from the front of the car.
My car is MY99 Impreza Turbo, the only modification is a Scoobysport backbox. My car must go to the dealer in the coming weeks for the first year service. I have only done 5500 kms in a year, I find this a little early for the engine starting doing weard noises.
I'd really appreciate if any scoob specialist could help and have an idea



Jan Shim
13th September 2000, 22:53

are you sure it isnt crackling (as opposed to squeaking) noises caused by contracting metal parts as they cool once you switched off the motor ? This occurence is documented in the owner's manual as being NORMAL.


14th September 2000, 05:13
Thanks for your answer but I am sure it isn't crackling. This one occurs also when the metal parts cool down. The one that worries me is really squeaking when the engine stops turning. My car will go to the dealer on monday for the first year service, maybe they'll find something.
The warrenty finished early September, I hope it's nothing serious