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Dave M
30th August 2000, 21:01
Any good engine builders in the west you want to recommend?

How much am I looking at a rebuilt engine?
Think it`s either a piston ring failure / little end or big end. Maybe all three http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

3rd September 2000, 20:46
you could try Protech in Keynsham , I`ve seen several Impreza engines in bits there inclueding an STI5 . They are importers and SVA people so they might be worth giving a call to .Sorry I don`t have there number but should be in the yellow pages .

Pete Croney
5th September 2000, 12:32
If Warwickshire is "west" enough then give me a call and I'll put you in touch. Ex WRC, GpA and GpN engine builder at Prodrive (5 years).

01268 590085

Scott J Davies
6th September 2000, 12:14

If you want the best (x prodrive engine builder for 5 years)and a man that is a thoroughly good bloke you'll want to ring WHM and ask for Warren Heath, he is a god.

Call on 07977 1259741


Scott J Davies
6th September 2000, 12:16

Why oh why do I never read to the end of the thread before replying..............doh! doh!