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26th August 2000, 17:23
I've just tried to fit a set of Samco Intercooler Hoses to my UK MY98 Turbo.

Bought the set of 4 hoses for a 98 from Demon Tweeks, but since taking the intercooler off I've found that only the intercooler to manifold and intercooler to dump valve fit! The remaining two hoses seem to be for the 'Y' shaped hose on the underside of the intercooler. Problem is this is a one piece affair on my car, so it would appear that I need to to cut up the old one, not good, particularly as the Samco hoses are too short to get a purchase on the modded part http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/mad.gif

Have Subaru changed the design? Do I really have to cut my old part up? Anyone doen this? Mark A you told me about this mod, did you have the same problem? HELP!!!

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