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22nd August 2000, 21:23

I have a 99MY standard UK Impreza which has done about 22,000 miles.

For the past 2,000 miles it has been making a tapetty/knocking/metallic sound at 3,100 rpm - 4,000 rpm, but only when the car is hot (say 20 miles plus). Dealer has had 2 goes at fixing it, but is unwilling to investigate further as there is no specific part which they can identify as "faulty" to get the money back from IM.

Last time had a timing belt follower modification (I think).

Anyone else experience this problem - any ideas what it could be?

Thanks for your help

31st August 2000, 22:57
I have a very similar problem, that I only notice when the engine is hot. However, the engine is noisy on cold start, so have it booked in at the dealers on tuesday next week. Will update you if I get a result.

4th September 2000, 21:26
Hi GregW

I was speaking to a chap at Silverstone at the weekend - apparently it is something to do with one of the fluid levels being overfilled at service blocking a breather - the chap couldn't remember any more - can anyone else shed light on this?


14th September 2000, 21:13
Going back to the dealer for the 3rd time on Monday to try to sort this problem out.

Has no-one else had this problem? Got so fed up with it used my reliable car (TVR) for a week, and the Scooby sulked and wouldn't start because of a flat battery!

Any idea on the noise (a new battery under warranty being fitted)much much appreciated.


27th January 2001, 20:27
Relaible TVR? Pull the other one! Now tell us the truth Mar/sorry...Ben

(Anyway I got your post back on top of the pile again!)

Bob Rawle
27th January 2001, 23:17
Check that a heat shield is not cracked, could be that simple.

Fluid levels ... sounds like someone is mixing up the oil level causes overboost theory.