View Full Version : Help nedded to identify my EJ20 motor

13th August 2000, 04:45
I bought a EJ20 motor for a kit car I'm
rebuilding. It had been fitted to a off-road
buggy and removed to fit a turbo version.
Numbers on rear of engine 302662.
"" at crank case join 79 BB 31232
"" on ECU H2(large letters)
2611AA350 & A11-005?4
One of the numbers are rubbed off,thats why ?
There is a label stuck on one of the sockets
with RC4.
The motor has seperate ign. coils plugged on
each spark plug.
The intake plenium is split into two planes
and a vacumm operated butterfly to open the second stage.
The motor runs but with a large flat spot
off idle.
The wireing loom had been butchered by previous owner.
I am looking for a replacement loom and any help I can get.
I am in Australia if that matters.
Thank you