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3rd July 2000, 17:10
hi all.
i wish to thank you all , i used to drive my car with 1.2 bar steady boost and 1.4 over boost without a care in the world and now thanks to all of you guys ( you know who you are ) telling me my car is going to go kaboom i am affraid to put the pedal to the metal.
i have decided to get an apexi afc to take care of fueling problems. i am now looking for a method to check my air fuel ratio so i can tune the bloody thing.
i can get one of the following:
1. lambda link. 100 aud
2. air fuel gauge- appexi,greddy,hks 200-300 $ u.s.
3 motec lambda meter. dont know how much yet.
any advice ( except lowering boost or getting a link )
would be greatly appreciated

3rd July 2000, 19:37
Just curious why not a link?

sam elassar
3rd July 2000, 21:31
i quite interested to know how will the apexi afc control your fuel, surely it will only allow you to change the fuel to a certain degree ( or is it a full fuel map ?)but if you are boosting to 1.4 http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif you will have a problem with the advance as well as fueling. you need a fully remappable ECU for that. i will really do a lot of research before you pay any money for the AFC. but again i may be talking rubbish. i will be very interested to know the answer to this one. any body??

as confused as ever http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/confused.gif

4th July 2000, 03:41
hi andres.
the problem with the link , for me at least is that no one in israel will be able to set it up. i did have a chat about this with bob rawle and i thinkthat riding the car data logging and then e-mailing would be to hard and dangerous for the car. as for my 1.4 it is overboost only and lasts for about a second maybe i will enlarge the restrictor and get less overboost.
bob rawle on vacation in israel?
afc is mapable in 500 rpm leaps with hi/ low throtle

4th July 2000, 14:11
A working holiday for Bob is not such a daft idea!

The Microsoft boys and girls are trying to lure him over to Seattle for a short break, Israel is closer http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

4th July 2000, 17:31
i dont know if there is life after death but i am sure
there is no life in seattle

12th July 2000, 15:38
Without wanting to change the subject, could someone tell me where the restrictor is? I have an MY94 (yeah, yeah, you know already!) and had it restricted due to the crazy Induction kit. I want to reduce the restriction a little..

Replies by email appreciated! (Sorry about hijacking the post!)

12th July 2000, 19:02
hi pilch.
are you asking about the little brass restrictor
it is in the hose between the solanoid and the turbo.
if thats what your talking about then you will need a restrictor with a smaller hole to get over boost.

17th July 2000, 15:34

Ah, thanks mate. I'll have a look this weekend when I get time. Does anyone else have the problem called 'work' which gets in the way of Scooby enjoyment? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif