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29th June 2000, 13:26
hi all.
got my VF22 from bpm. installation was very easy about four
hours and the result is amazing, the acceleration is much stronger although the lag has increased by about 500 rpm.
must take care not to reach the rpm limit , it happens very fast .
i am currently running 1.1 bar on my bc with the restrictor giving overboosts to 1.4 bar . i was wondering if that would be considerd safe on a my99?

29th June 2000, 20:22
hi would be interested in more depth as i am considering this upgrade. Mail me offline if u wish

my MY99 holds 1.2 bar ans safely used to overboost to 1.3 bar but now just holds at 1.2 with no overboost as advised by the legendary Bob Rawle of BR Developments

30th June 2000, 09:55
Sunil, why would you want to change the turbo ?

You are running 1.2bar because the Link has been set to 1.2bar.

The MY99 turbo runs out of puff at the top end admittedly, but this is a *UK* car..I wouldnt want to run high boost at high revs thanks.

And at lower rpm the turbo is good for 20psi easy.

1.4bar is 20.3psi eitan. Every now and then (due to atmospherics and a good flogging) my car hits and holds 20psi in 2nd. Makes for stonking performance but I don't like it..thats 7-8psi over standard which is a big increase.

Anyway Sunil, look what happened when you roared out of SS with Adam http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif are you sure you want even MORE power http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

30th June 2000, 13:04
hi lee.
i dont know how it is with uk cars but our cars with td04
turbo would not hold 1.4 bar in second first or any gear.
even if by some miracle you can make your turbo hold 1.4 bar
you would be well out of range of the turbo and by then be blowing well hot air . what your graph probably looks like is an overboost to 1.4 and then down to 1.2 and less at 6000
rpm. even a link or bc cannot fix that.
with a vf22 you get more lag about 500 rpm's , but when it gets going its direct to the red line pronto. feels much stronger and probably safer for the car due to the charge being cooler. just my 2 cents

30th June 2000, 13:35

Looks like Adam has been showing off... :) And that's with a conservatively mapped Possum... we spent a couple of hours fiddling around, but had to give up because of dodgy coil packs. Not bad for the boost targets I programmed, though... if memory serves correctly it's 1.2bar, but may only be 1.15... we changed a lot to try to get the thing to behave itself.... fortunately, Adam has a TD05H turbo, which is rather good at shifting air! Nevertheless I tailed off Adam's boost at the top end, Adam doesn't have a tuning module so I was erring on the side of caution! My car, on the other hand, will take the boost gauge off the scale (over 1.5 bar) and will hold at least 1.4 bar to the redline... scary? nah.....



1st July 2000, 12:41
Lee, yes i want more!....can i not run a bigger turbo at less boost and still be better off overall (i.e. midrange and top-end?)


PS - you a daddy yet?

1st July 2000, 18:56
To think you were once worried about warranty ! Perhaps I'm just a wuss..every time I take my car to 18psi I start to sweat http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

3 weeks time mate..clock is ticking..

1st July 2000, 20:12
hey lee
with the vf22 you can boost 1.1 and kick the ass
of a td04 , i know did it yesterday to a guy boosting 1.3

sam elassar
2nd July 2000, 22:21
very interesting because this is my next upgrade. so would you recommend it ? I have a MY99 with the TD04L turbo as well.

to go back to your original post. I don't think that over boosting to 20psi is safe at all (IMHO) especially if the car is not mapped to run that much boost? in your post you mention that you have the boost up by the means of a BC ????? so I take it this is a boost controller of some sort. this could be dangerous. I have a link ecu which will allow you if done correctly to control your over boost very accurately, I have an over boost of 1psi which I can get rid off easily if I want to .
most likely your car will be KNOCKING to a certain degree if the over boost happens high in the rev range. if your are running stock ECU plus BC then your advance timing will be wrong for 20psi as the standard will be set for only 13-14psi. the best thing is to get your self a knock link and you can check your engine noise yourself to see if your car is knocking at all. the knock link will fit any ECU including the standard and I think it is a must if your going to play around with the boost of the car.

ps I may be taking a lot of rubbish as usual

3rd July 2000, 03:36
hi sam
i am very very happy with my vf22 the feeling during acceleration is amazing . no dyno in israel to measure so relying on racing other cars i know i now have one of the fastest impreza'S in israel.
i am very worried about nock and was getting some advice
from firefox about the knock link . i think it would make a good investment.
as for my bc its a avc-r from apexi i highly recommend it as far as bc's go.
be sure you have the right exhaust for the job

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