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29th June 2000, 06:55
The AP Racing Clutch fitted to my 22B has finally failed after 5000km.

I did notify AP that I was not happy with the unit withing 7 days of fitting, but got the normal motor industry reply " We have fitted this unit to 17 other cars with no problem"

I have been very kind to this clutch and admit that I did attend two race days of which one was hillclimb during which I did 4 runs on 45seconds and the second was 3 sessions of 10 x 4km laps.

Well as AP Racing claim to be race bread equipment I dod not think that these events would have caused the clutch to fail.

So now I 800 Pounds excluding fitting and freight down the tube and I am sure I am going to get the old "thats not our problem call AP" reaction from Demon Tweeks the guys I purchased it from.

Can some help, I give up......

29th June 2000, 11:29
just posted a reply to a similar request. Here it is just for you.

I stumbled across an advert a couple of months ago for a new clutch from HKS, specifically for the Impreza. Its a twin plate affair capable (the ad says!) of coping with up to 600bhp and has been designed so it can be slipped, (judderless). It includes an uprated drive plate, reinforced cover, lightened and balanced flywheel and uprated thrustbearing.
DOWN SIDE...........1450.
I don't know if Anders or any of the other chaps on the BBS have heard of this clutch but it certainly looks the business.

29th June 2000, 11:36
My AP clutch has performed faultlessly since I had it fitted.
Did you change your release bearing at the same time, as this isn't included in the standard kit. Who fitted it?
And 800????? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif Is it different to the 'normal' Impreza AP clutch that retails for 325+vat on AP's own price list?
The cerametallic one was only about 60 more as I recall.
Not acceptable in my book either way.


29th June 2000, 12:31
I spoke to AP Racing today.

They were very helpful and maybe the unit was not fitted correctly in the first place.

Anyway they are going to work together with a newly appointed local agent to fix the clutch and install it according to their specs.

Just from pure observation and I am not technical at all, but the Exedy unit removed from the 22B looked far stronger than the AP Racing unit.

Also just to inform you on how useless the Subaru agents are here, the clutch is not actually slipping, it still holds the torque very well, but the problem is that the clutch is juddering quite badly.

29th June 2000, 12:41
AP clutchs are mega bits of kit.....if fitted correctly!

If you have bad clutch judder, it could point to a knackered flywheel!!!!!!!

Also when the box is put back in, if the alignment process is done JUST BY tightening the nuts on the threads (the process is very awkward), the clutch plate can be damaged (due to misalignment) also resulting in judder!


29th June 2000, 16:31
There was a 22B AP clutch owner whose clutch failed after low mileage, free replacement (which was nice!).

My own AP clutch instalation was a tricky affair with the wrong spring being removed!
Clutch was lighter than a micras' ! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif

Couple of occasions the pedal had to be retrieved by hooking it up with my foot!

This was a frightening experience on both occasions as I was overtaking at the time ("hello Mr rev-limmitter") http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/mad.gif

With the correct spring removed I was very pleased with the action and there was no judder at all http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

30th June 2000, 12:35
Took the clutch to AP Racing agent here in SA and here is the result.

Apologies to AP Racing, the clutch is not even bedded in, even after 5000km.

And a big F-ck you to Subaru SA who fitted the unit. Subaru SA apparently you should stick to being a butcher, not fitting items you know nothing about.

Aplogies to AP, we are having the unit fitted correctly and I am sure I will have problem free motoring for the next 100000km.

6th July 2000, 12:00
What everyone has to understand on this side is the fact the clutch "is married" to the flywheel. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif
The WRX being an inherently oily vehicle does pose problems to certain clutches. The flywheel choice also will translate to the longevity of the clutch. A lightened one with hole patterning will in fact cause shudder and slippage due to oil leakage onto the clutch . A misconception out there exists that moisture is the cause of shudder. That is a fallicy . Shudder is related to oil and can also caused by "hot spots" which are caused when oil burns
on the plate, which creates "hard spots" on the pressure plate. The choice of clutch is a solid centre with steelback facing thus maximising longevity and at the same time staying away from copper button clutches which are extremely harsh to the drivetrain.

There are also many installation traps that can cause premature failure.

This is an endless subject.

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