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6th June 2000, 17:32
Does anyone here have any experience of these 2.2 stroker conversions??

So far, from what I've gathered with the right turbo, a motec ECU the 2.2l kit (consisting of forged alloy pistons, steel conrods and steel crank +p.rings and pins)gas flowed heads and possibly different cams is good for 400-460bhp!! Sounds easy enough!

Now the bad news. TDi sell the 2.2kit for 3K but then want an arm and a leg to fit it and state something about fitting new liners. Does the block need new liners, or will skimming/reboring them be enough? Autosportif only want 16.5K for the job (although that includes clutch and headers too) still a rip off though. In theory, if one can get the parts (3K for the conversion, 500 gas flowing heads, clutch and headers) then that's 5K in parts. Surely it wouldn't cost that much, or even be that difficult to do the conversion for a lot less. I'm sure you could get the parts elsewhere for less. Cosworth do the pistons and rods, I wonder who does the crank for the 2.2 conversion??

Any ideas, thoughts???


7th June 2000, 07:55
Greetings all from N.Z.
I have spent the last day with Snow Mooney from Winger Subaru in Auckland, He has built many 2.5 motors for a total cost a lot less than what you are all talking about, These include Block,Crank, Carrillo rods and Ross pistons. All for about $5000NZD There is of course the Possum Bourne Stroker kit for the 2.0 block this is around the same money. I will be getting full details tommorow with pricing options and further performance details. I will also go for a drive to get that "Butt feeling" Mr Firefox is so keen on http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

24th June 2000, 16:42
Please check the BPM website. This is the exact stoker kit that is now run in the worlds fastest Impreza. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Pistons 92.5mm forged with Rings

Crank fully modified , balanced and treated

Conrods and Conrod bearings

This is a full complete kit...it does not require any additions...

The way we have manufactured the kit it does not require any main bearings or seals. You can use the standard items. We have ensured this is a kit a workshop can install as long as they are capable of rebuilds.

This will also address what is very UK related by the fact we have noticed the UK likes minimal lag. The increase in capacity allows you to run a larger turbo since the driveability from the stroke increases.. Add to the fact you can run extremely high boost http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

If you have any further queries about our products , please do not hesitate
to email me or we can chat online with
ICQ (45940764)

Greg Nikolettos
Marketing Manager
Phone: (617) 3272 8885
Fax: (617) 3218 8880
bpm@bpmsports.com http://www.bpmsports.com

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24th June 2000, 18:18

My next project might be 2.5litre....

But I aint saying any more for now.. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif


24th June 2000, 20:40
Mark from Scotland was talking about a 2.5 a few months back as well. Said something about needing more torque http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

24th June 2000, 23:16

I better get a move on then... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif


ps - This will be a reasonably priced upgrade.. not erm 16.5K.. ouch!!

25th June 2000, 10:36
erm, im boring mine out to 2.9 and adding two extra cylinders making it the first 2.9 six pot


25th June 2000, 13:31
Well I'm fitting one of the current Porsche turbo boxer 6 engines with two hybrid turbochargers.

28th June 2000, 11:07
Fear not,

Mark from Scotland is currently selling his car, de-tuned to 380bhp with various bits taken off it. (e.g. putting back on the small VF22 turbo again).

He might have various bits and pieces for sale, or indeed you may be able to buy the whole car (~25k) if you are quick!

28th June 2000, 14:24

Is he getting another scoob ?

Or going for the porsche he wanted ?