View Full Version : oil breather tanks/catch-cans

15th May 2000, 08:52
Does anyone have an oil breather set up on their wrx? I have a *lot* of oil being blown through my intercooler piping (F/M), and I think this is the cause of the first piping joint continually popping off under boost... i.e. it gets lubricated - oil between the pipe and hose, so it just slips off - even with 2 hose clamps!

I used to have a catch tank, but it was bone dry inside after 6 months - so I thought it was useless. Now I've chucked it, and I think I need it (Doh!) Are there any popular UK or Jap brands?

15th May 2000, 10:01
If you are running more than standard boost you need a catch can. Many WRX's in AUS are using the Cusco units, They look great and you only need to adapt it so it has twin inlets and it is ready to go. They are also quite cheap compared to the hand made ones that don't look (or work?) as good.

Chan HT
15th May 2000, 15:12
Alternatively you can connect up all the breather hoses and vent it under the engine instead of venting through the oil catch tank.A friend did it this way without oil catch tank.He is also a 22b member.

16th May 2000, 11:52
One way to check whether you need one is simply to remove the intercooler and check the area just after the trottle body. If its not very oily. Than one would no be of much use.