View Full Version : My new Exedy twin plate clutch...from hell?

Andy Banks
21st April 2000, 13:29
Just changed the clutch on the STi4 to an Exedy twin plate clutch (i believe the same as Japanese 22B's), including a lightweight flywheel.

I'm far from happy!

1. Judders when starting off, cold or hot.

2. Clattering noise when the clutch pedal is depressed

3. Twice now crunched into first gear from neutral despite the clutch depressed.

Anyone have any similar experiences? Are they all like this? Or perhaps mine is faulty, or not fitted correctly?

As for the on/off controll well I dont really mind that, but with the juddering aswell it is a complete pain in the bum making smoothish progress in traffic impossible.

Also, is it necessary to 'run-in' a new clutch? Maybe it could get better in time...


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21st April 2000, 18:57
When I first had the my car I could not cope with the clutch judder.

In time I adjusted my style for a smoother transition, I come up with the clutch and just get the car moving before dipping the clutch a fraction and blipping the throttle as I then swiftly let the clutch up again.

Once mastered it allows quick get aways!

However after a major blast the car will virtually always judder away from rest http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif

My first clutch lasted 6000 miles before Driven TV programme burnt the clutch out with sub 4 second 0-60MPH

Second clutch an Exedy twin plate, has done over 27,000 miles, initially after the car was rebuilt the clutch was not working well. It would not engage reverse and first was dificult to get into. However within 2 weeks and 3,000 miles of running in the clutch was back to normal.

So give it some time and get someone like Pete Croney to check the adjustment as they are apparently easy to set up incorectly.

Andy Banks
23rd April 2000, 05:57
Hi Anders,

I've tried your technique of starting off, seems much better starting off this way.

But the thing rattles like a bag of nuts & bolts whenever the clutch pedal is depressed. Did yours do this?


Chan HT
23rd April 2000, 14:42
Exeddy twin plate has a lousy reputation here in Brunei.This particular type of clutch is famous for breaking WRX/STi gear boxes here.A STi4 broke factory g/box using Exeddy twin plate clutch,then Kaaz gear set were later fitted and that too broke.He too experienced the same juddering and only on first gear.When this guy broke the Kaaz gear,he was trying to launch his car from stand still at 7000 rpm!!!!And that sent his first gear to hell.

23rd April 2000, 17:43
My clutch does not make any noises http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
I strongly recomend that you get it checked by some one reputable. Where are you based?

Andy Banks
24th April 2000, 06:32
I'm in Hongkong, so sorting these kind of problems out is a major pain in the neck.

Took the car back to the mechanic today, he said the rattling noise happens with all Exedy twin plate clutches, and it is normal. It is the 'twin' plates rattling.

Not sure whether I believe this or not!

I mentioned that 22Bs dont make this noise and he said they had different size of Exedy clutch, so we couldnt compare the two.

As for dumping the clutch at 7,000 rpm, I wouldnt recommend this whichever clutch you have: either it would fry the standard one or chew the gearbox to bits!


Andy Banks
28th April 2000, 02:34
I got a reply from exedy.com by emailing them...quite impressed by the quick repsonse time! See below, it seems the rattling may be normal on this type of clutch.

The juddering seems to be getting a bit better too, and it's not crunched into first again. It judders less when cold. According to the FAQ this may be solved by changing the clutch fluid to DOT5...not tried this yet.

Only remaining problem is that sometimes when backing off the accelerator on full acceleration, or when shifting too quickly there is a 'clunk' noise from the transmission.


Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting us.

A rattling sound coming from the clutch is normal when using a lug-drive clutch.

Depending upon the horsepower of the engine, the loudness may vary. There are
also cases when there is practically no sound. There are many contributing

From your e-mail,it sounds as if this is a completely normal situation, there
not being anything wrong with the clutch or its installation.

Again, thank you for your e-mail and your support of Exedy's Daikin Brand

Jan Shim
29th April 2000, 22:35
Have you ever been to hell and managed to get out of it only to get back in there ? re to Chan's reply, we have concluded that the Exedy Twin Plate is great for street driving and the very occasional drag but a no-no for ANY launches. YES, the Twin Plate will eat any WRX/STi gearbox for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No doubt the TP sounds like a great package with its integrated lightened flywheel but i would stay far away from it ... my friends have since switched to BPM RS Clutch and are all smiles (must be that Heavenly feel, no rattling at all.

Andy Banks
2nd May 2000, 06:04
Well the rattling is still there, although not all the time. The judder is still there, although not all the time.

Worse, there is a clonking noise from the transmission, sometimes even when not even using the clutch.

I suspect this is the installation as it never did it before. Now the garage have sold it me they really dont seem to give a stuff, "dont worry it's normal"...yeah right.

So most probably will go to the subaru dealer and fit an OEM STi cluch. It's only money after all!

Incidently, this is the same garage who fitted an Apexi fuel computer and boost controller to a friend's SupraTT, using the HKS instructions rather than Apexi..doh!


11th May 2000, 10:18
My Exedy unit with Daikan plates on the 22B failed after 6000miles. The failure came soon after I competed in some drag racing events.

Changed to the AP Racing unit 750 quid and the car was a pleasure to drive. I decided to test the cars 0-100kmph with the new clutch and got a nasty shock as the clutch smelt for about a day after.

I have been very gentle on the clutch and I am booking the car in with Subaru on Monday to see how this new unit is holding up.

It is a terrible feeling to drive around and not know when the cluthc is going to fail again.

Seems 22B's and clutches do not go together.

11th May 2000, 14:01
22bs, clutches and certain driving techniques won't go together... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif