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10th April 2000, 10:09
It's been about 1000 miles since I installed the Broquet catalysts, I though I would share my views with other Broquet users.

Having a Knock Link installed it has been fairly easy for me to report on the amount of reduced knock. It does appear that the knock has reduced slightly, when pushing hard I get the amber lights on, but as of yet I have not seen the red one. My only question reagrding this is, is the ECU retarding and learning for 97RON (the more times I show it knock, the better the retardation will be), or are the broquet catalysts doing their thing?

Unfortunatley I have broken my Knock Link (whilst trying to relocate it) so it might be a while before I bother investigating the knock any further.

Bob - you said you were going to investigate ignition timing and stuff with the Broquet catalysts, any findings?

On the fuel consumption, I have been quite anal in logging fuel consuption since installing Broquet and I am getting an average of 24mpg (in an STi V). I have no idea what my mpg was before so I can't really comment.

I would be interested in other peoples experience, especially those users who are now running on 95RON.

I've not had my emmisions tested iether.

I have posted the installation intructions for the in-tank broquest items on my web site. (I can't remember my web address so I will edit this post later, DOH!)

It looks less and less likely that Prodrive use Broquet for reducing knock alone, the Autocar mag reports that a new map is in place to handle 97RON. So Broquest may not be the wonder cure.

I thought Broquest was meant to improve combustion, I still get considerable over-run when pootling down the high street. (is this more of a mixture issue?).



10th April 2000, 13:12
What Autocar mag report and what is are often two seperate things in my experience... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

10th April 2000, 14:56

buy a copy of the 5th April eddition of 'Autocar'.

You can't miss it, there is a P1 on the front cover.



10th April 2000, 15:53
Why should I buy it?

I don't doubt that it says what you say it does, I do however know how fickle and far-of-the-mark they have often been in technical issues.

I could spend the money on 15 to 20 miles of super unleaded... Much more fun...


10th April 2000, 17:08

Apologies, I mis-read your fisrt reply. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/redface.gif

Who knows the truth behind the P1 and remaps?
This question should really be on a differnt thread.

I'm still interested in other peoples Broquet experiences.


10th April 2000, 19:59
No probem. What flavour of Broquet did you go for, in-line or in-tank?

11th April 2000, 21:48
have posted my findings on the scoobynet bbs at: http://bbs.scoobynet.co.uk/Forum1/HTML/004155.html
but can't say that I have noticed anything at all really.
dyno results from this sunday may tell a different story but I doubt it.
but then I wasn't expecting much and was prepared to go through with it in the interests of science!
ho hum,

Paul W

11th April 2000, 23:40
What is this Broquets contraption?

Adam M
12th April 2000, 11:30
I am told to avoid the inline as the flow rate of our precious engines is just too high and the exposure of the alloy to the fuel therefore does not last long enough.

I bought two eight element units, essentially a metal gause with eight metal pebbles in it. Open the fuel tank through the two access in either side of the boot floor and drop one in each. Takes minutes (if you dont have a lot of stereo equipment in the way, dog).

Have noticed much smoother power delivery than before as car was very lumpy on hard acceleration. Now very smooth and consistent, seems to pick up better in general.

As I have said before range is now approximately 10-30 miles better, depending on how hard I drive.

A bit unrelated but one tank I took it very easy until it was almosty dry and returned 280 instead of 200 miles with 4 litres left in the tank. I was v impressed, but decided there is no point having an impreza if you are going to drive it like an 1100 fiesta.

12th April 2000, 21:27
Can confirm positive effects described by others, particularly much more balanced idle routine and overall smoothnes and throttle reaction.
Having an exhaust capable of delivering subtle tonal (noise character, etc) differences as well as the Link ecu, even more significant improvements have been noticed. In short, my engine works now without the octane booster as if it was added to the fuel - all since Broquets were dropped into the tank.
Subjective or imagination? Hardly so. LambdaLink display, boost build up and other parameters do not lie.

Conclusion: like with most things, the more your car/engine has been capable of before Broquet, the more you can expect and most likely will get.


14th April 2000, 07:18
fitting instructions can be found here...


12th May 2000, 10:34
if anyone can remember, I guinea-pigged 2 x 8 cone unit in the tank of my
sti5 a while back...

now a few months later I feel I can pass comment with authority...

yes they do something.....might not be what I wanted but:

- slight improvement in fuel economy using 97 RON ( best recently = 27
mpg - 316 miles on 52 litres of A-roads around north wales)
more 'normal' driving returns 22-24 mpg

- decrease in exhaust noise (shame)

- smoother running of engine in general

- better power (?) - I measured 307 BHP/ 308 Lb ft at well lane turbo

- wierd smell from hot exhaust after a thrash - noticed by fellow scooby
owners giving chase !

- boot carpet now won't stay in place after diy removal of fuel tank
inspection covers during fitting

- low fuel warning light now less pessimistic after 'disturbing' the sensor
during broquet installation ,
light now comes on with 8 litres to go not 11.

- extra topic of conversation for 'tyre-kicking' sessions in pub carparks
at SIDC events ;)

- no perceptible improvement in knock prevention, though ECU still able to
retard ignition enough to counter detonation.

- no need to add proboost/millers octane boosters when running on UK SUL 97
RON (though I would still advise use of same
if planning track days etc.)


snake oil? - perhaps, but I reckon they do actually do what the
manufacturers claim - which aint much.

would I fit them again? - Yes, but would tie them to the top of the tank
with fishing line so that they could be removed for
testing with/without for more 'scientific' data.


Paul W