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19th December 2014, 10:41
P11 spring set - red - for P1 Kyb inverted strut

P11-6 spring set - red - same as P11, but 6mm lower at front - for Excel-g, P1 kyb inverted, early Bilsteins, agx, koni

WR15 R/T spring set - grey - 40N/mm/35N/mm - ground top coil - front 12mm lower than P11, rear 6mm lower than P11 - for agx, koni and late Bilsteins. Prototype still to be tested on car.

Let me know if there's any interest in a Track/Road spring set - I am still progressing a design.

8 weeks delivery to Eibach UK from order. Accepting orders from 5th Jan.

Question is how many to order?


P11 and P11-6

Minimum order 25 sets - 270 delivered UK mainland
50 sets or more - 235 delivered UK mainland

WR15 R/T

Minimum order 25 sets - 290 delivered UK mainland
50 sets or more - 255 delivered UK mainland

Group buy running on Scoobynet


Happy Christmas

14th January 2015, 20:11
I'm placing an order with Eibach tomorrow, for a batch of P11-6's - 9 week delivery.
WR15 R/T's will follow

20th February 2015, 10:40
P11 L (was P11-6) arriving end of March - P1 variant: 6mm lower at front - 235 delivered mainland UK
WR15 R/T (closed, ground top coils) arriving end of April -
40N/mm/35N/mm - 290 delivered mainland UK

Matching bump stop/dust boot kits available for twin-tubes, with spring kits - 50

For inverted damper bump stop kits - early/late Bilsteins and KYB - 62.40 delivered. Contact:


25th April 2015, 14:54
P11L fronts


18th May 2015, 19:39
P11 L's


26th June 2015, 16:41

15th July 2015, 15:10
And finally the full set of wr15r/t:


Bump stop kit available for use with wr15r/t set - twin-tube and inverted.

9th January 2016, 12:18
Anyone using struts, on a classic, for this seasons racing?

Happy to chuck a set of struts, wr15r/t springs and matching bump stops into the pot - just to see how the springs perform, on track.

Let me know what you're up to.


11th January 2016, 17:32
Still on struts on my classic. Will be doing the 22b sprints this year and probably a couple of track days.