View Full Version : TrackScotland @ Knockhill 2hr - Saturday 17th May 2014

25th April 2014, 21:28
Saturday 17th May 2014 6pm to 8pm

* Open Pit lane, 2 hour session
* 80 per CAR with 1 driver - BOOK TRACKDAY (http://trackscotland.co.uk/booking/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=14)
* 10 per additional driver - BOOK ADDITIONAL DRIVER (http://trackscotland.co.uk/booking/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=11)
* Fully Marshalled, any dangerous driving will be dealt with at the event.
* Overtaking on straights only - by consent.

Tickets booked via
Track Scotland Shop (http://trackscotland.co.uk/booking/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=14)

Additional Drivers can be booked HERE (http://trackscotland.co.uk/booking/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=11)

The Online Booking uses PayPal ONLY, so you can only use Credit/Debit Cards VIA PAYPAL FUNDING OPTIONS. If you would prefer not to use PayPal, cheques or bank transfer will be fine. Email for details. fee@trackscotland.co.uk

Drivers Licence

Please remember that you need to show your licence at sign on, and this needs to be in date (your photo needs to be updated every 10 years).
If your photocard licence has expired, Knockhill will NOT let you on track so please check this in advance.

Please remember we need you to book in advance to make these days happen! Tell your friends and feel free to cross-post on other forums you may use.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch :)