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21st January 2014, 12:34
Straightliners are running a series of Top Speed Mile events throughout 2014. These will be based on the same principle as the USA mile events at Maxton and Texas, some of these events will be mid week events at Elvington and all the others will be two day events at Elvington and Woodbridge. We will also be running a British National Records event using the same format as above but running in both directions. To help with this, a new association has been formed to run National Record attempts in the UK. This is the UKTA (UK Timing Association) these events will be for both cars and bikes. The UKTA as already been accepted by the ACU for the bike side and we have had meetings with the MSA and are waiting their response but the event will go a head for cars whatever the outcome is with the MSA, but at the moment things are looking favourable.

The Top Speed Mile Dates 2014

Monday 17th March Elvington
Saturday/ Sunday 5th 6th April Woodbridge Suffolk
Tuesday 15th April Elvington
Tuesday 17th June Elvington
Saturday 5th July Sculthorpe Norfolk
Tuesday 22nd July Elvington
Saturday/Sunday 16th 17th August Elvington (limited entry)
Saturday/Sunday 27th/28th Sept Woodbridge Suffolk
Tuesday 21st October Elvington

The usual noise limits apply to Elvington and cars must be silenced for Woodbridge - no straight through pipes.
We will run these events as a mile championship and all cars going over 200mph will gain entry to our 200mph club and get a certificate and badge.

Entry costs for the one day mid week events at Elvington are 150. This is for the full day and we have a max entry of 20 cars or bikes to make sure you have plenty of track time.

Entry for the two day events at Elvington and Woodbridge is 300 per competitor. Discounts are available for extra drivers in the same car at all events.

And lastly the British National Records event will take place at Elvington on the 17th 18th of May with the option of the 19th if we have bad weather. Entry fees to be advised dependent on the outcome with the MSA. Also full regs will be published in the next week or so. These will reflect the speeds that cars can now achieve.

Trevor Duckworth