View Full Version : Hybrid / HDI Intercooler Group Buy

Bob D
7th September 2013, 12:28
A few of you guys have enquired about these in the past when we didn't have them and now we have lots :D

Apologies in advance for stepping on any our trader toes with regards to the pricing but traders aren't buying at the moment so we are having to run this GB for one month to get some stock off our shelves.

Kit / Web Price / 10% OFF GB PRICE / 15% OFF GB PRICE

HDi GT2 Spec Classic models (GC8) - 449.99 / 404.99 / 382.49
HDi X0-1R Spec Bugeye and Blobeye Models (GDB)- 474.99 / 427.49 / 403.74
HDi GT2 Spec Hawkeye models (GDG) - 549.99 / 494.99 / 467.49

All prices include VAT

Full thread over on SN: http://bbs.scoobynet.com/group-buys-439/984638-hybrid-hdi-intercooler-group-buy.html