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19th June 2013, 10:46
Ok yet again im in search for the best prices for my own project so after being in touch with the driveshaft shop us for level 5 rear drive shafts we have secured a trade account offering a starter 10% discount which is a good start but there plenty more to be had so seems as iv been asked by a few members now for these parts also I figure another group buy is in order after the success of the Dailey dry sump set up we did recently we try with the drive shafts and prop shafts..

The terms are the same as the Dailey set up we had il do all the leg work to get the best discount and orders sorted you simple put down your name and product if you are 100% genuine on there and we see what the best price we can possibly get on them..

I plan to do a similar set up as the last group buy we get prices you tell me what you want the parts if ordered will get sent out to individual customers so that in the case of any import tax each member can sort there own payment out to keep it as simple as possible the payment for the product will be made directly to me via bank transfer or pay pal with the fee's covered I will make one payment to the driveshaft shop then to again keep it as simple as possible I will send all the address and order details for each order directly to the driveshaft shop then..

I plan to offer a few items on this which there be a min 5 orders to start with there be a greater discount for 10 orders and so on and so on I plan to offer the following which should cover most people on here..

6 speed carbon 1 piece prop shaft's
5 speed carbon 1 piece prop shaft's
R180 level 5 rear drive shafts 100pcd and 114pcd 800hp rated
R180 level 5 rear drive shafts and stub axle kit 100pcd and 114pcd 1200hp rated
New age 2001-2004 female ended front drive shafts 100pcd 750bhp rated
New age 2005-2007 male ended front drive shafts 114pcd 750hp rated

This should cover most people on here if there something iv not covered then let me know we can always try and sort it so any interest please add your name and product please.

Animal spec-c
19th June 2013, 12:45
matt did you spaek to mark at lateral i know he has some stock mite be worth your while giving him a quick call?

19th June 2013, 12:50
I haven't mate I always find direct means cheaper but it be worth a call mate cheers

19th June 2013, 12:55
interested on price of 6 speed carbon prop matty

MAD Hammer
19th June 2013, 12:59
As far as rear shafts go it be be worth asking Frank if he can still get them made. Good few of us use these and they are way stronger than standard shafts. DSS ones have been know to break.

Animal spec-c
19th June 2013, 13:05
As far as rear shafts go it be be worth asking Frank if he can still get them made. Good few of us use these and they are way stronger than standard shafts. DSS ones have been know to break.

completely forgot about frank clive,what have you heard about the dss shafts ive the level 5 kit in my car and like whiteline the paint on the is poor

MAD Hammer
19th June 2013, 13:10
I know someone that broke a 5 in this country but a few have gone in the states. They are bloody good shafts though don't get me wrong. I broke one of franks but only 1, previously I have gone through a good few standard r180 shafts. Andy uses franks too and he has a little more power than me :)

Animal spec-c
19th June 2013, 13:18
what kinda power was the car running that broke it do you know?

MAD Hammer
19th June 2013, 13:21
iirc 650+ So many other factors like suspensions set up, what rear diff set up etc.

19th June 2013, 13:21
Iv been speaking to driveshaft shop about a new much more heavy duty shaft that isn't marketed yet also I'm just getting further details so that maybe another option as for breaking them I'm sure all things could be broke the shafts are rates to 800hp which takes some breaking bit coupled with the stub axle there rated to 1200hp so surely the shafts are rates to more power just the stub axle is the weak point but it be good to see other opinions on them isn't andy f running these also now??

Animal spec-c
19th June 2013, 13:22
where they replaced under warranty or where they outside it?

19th June 2013, 13:22
Do you know what actually broke Clive was it the cv or the actual shaft ??

19th June 2013, 13:25
Tempted by the carbon prop shaft for 6 speed! Would need to know a definite price delivered etc before I commit though.

19th June 2013, 13:30
Al prices will be added soon as we have the best possible prices you find off the shelf the parts are much cheaper than prices over here without the discount shipping and import tax will add to this but still works out alot cheaper I find

MAD Hammer
19th June 2013, 13:47
Honestly can't remember detail, standard cvs are fine in my experience. I have only broken one stub axle in the past.

19th June 2013, 13:52
I thought mark was UK dealer for them?

19th June 2013, 14:29
it be interesting to see what broke on the level 5 shafts the new versions were talking about are agin on another level with complete change of cv types and materials all round im awaiting details they sound very promising...in your opintion clive is the stub axle worth changing also or breakages that rare its not worth the double the price??

steven im not aware if he is im not trying to step on anyones toes at all iv looked on driveshaft shop there no official dealers in the uk listed on there website there a few in eupopean listed none in the uk so hoping mark isnt but im sure we get a answer on here

MAD Hammer
19th June 2013, 14:52

As per my comment above mate really but I would not be paying double ;)


19th June 2013, 15:14
I think I agree aswell it's bit step for the stub axles but they can be brought separately at a later date if they become a problem at least driveshaft shop also offer just the uprated shafts without cv's for thoses who are happy with standard cv's also which is a much cheaper option

paul doyle
19th June 2013, 15:20
I'm intrested in this GB subject to price....its rear inner CVs I break...have been through four in recent years....

19th June 2013, 15:41
iv broken 2 outer cvs in my time strange how everyone suffers different failures must be setup and conditions that brake different parts the new ones that drive shaft shop mentioned are using porsche inner cv's and better materials all round so sounds promising

Animal spec-c
19th June 2013, 16:00
i think the bar upgrade is only rated 600bhp

19th June 2013, 16:35
600bhp on the front shafts aren't to be sniffed at its crazy how much the power has gone up over the last few years 600bhp was the holy grail not so long back if you don't have 650bhp these days don't come and play so it seems :)

19th June 2013, 17:02
I use the DSS 800 whp shafts on the rear, the ones with their bigger CV's. I used Franks bars previous to this and never had a breakage but the OE CV's were getting loose so I just went for new complete units. Std OE RA fronts still on there.

19th June 2013, 18:01
Excellent andy when you really gonna put them through the paces at the strip then??

19th June 2013, 18:18
would be up for a set m8 06 to 07

19th June 2013, 21:08
If your intressted Matty, i can ask the guy who made them for me! As Clive and Andy the are pretty strong! Oh and cheap!
Cheers Frank

19th June 2013, 21:10
Excellent andy when you really gonna put them through the paces at the strip then??

Japshow, a week on Sunday at Santa Pod and the test day on the Saturday.

19th June 2013, 23:30
No problem Paul il post prices ASAP for us all

Sounds good andy I might pop down to watch:)

Frank thank you for the offer but in my experience iv broke both cv joints not the shaft so I want a complete shaft not just the shaft it's self mate thank you for the offer tho

The new dss one I mentioned is good for a 1000bhp according to them the fronts are also in development but around 2 months away I have some prices but its late il post them up in the morning now

19th June 2013, 23:39
I'd be interested in a cf prop matt.

20th June 2013, 16:22
Pro-level and Level-5 rear shafts have a different number of splines, 36 versus 32, the Pro-level are rated to 1200hp and the Level-5 are 900 I believe. The stub axles are specific to the different ratings.

Interesting why the front shafts for a 2001-2004 car only work with 100pcd hubs, I have a 114.3 front hub here and a stock GC8 shaft and they fit together...if that can be confirmed I'd be interested in a price for the front shafts (female end for 5sp box) for 114.3 hubs.


20th June 2013, 22:42

Been following this thread with interest as I have been having sets of shafts made by a gearmaker in Surrey. He makes barshafts for round the world yacht winches, driveshafts for WRC cars for GKN motorsport, driveshafts for the Koeniggsegg ccx (1000hp) and all he does is make gears, cogs and shafts. and he does a lot of F1 work for redbull and McLaren making torsion beams and the like as well as making all the drivetrain components and gearboxes for RAGE buggys. I've had him make me shafts for several different things, my Landrover winchchallenge truck, a couple of sets for Scoob rally cars as well as for my own car.

Having spent lots of time talking to the owner chris it seems that the world of drivetrain and metallurgy is entirely different to popular "strength" conception. ALL the WRC stuff is in fact hollow- you speak to any clubman rally guy and they wont pay 1200 per corner for GKN motorsport shafts so they get a lot of DNFs by breaking rear shafts at rallys. We have been running a set of hollow shafts on my friends rally car all season and have not had a single failure. I wont hijack the thread but rallying whilst a less powerful medium than dragging it has significantly more continuous repetitive Launch/ load/unload/load/stop/load/launch. The hollowness of the shafts is the secret or "gun drilling" as its known, it means it can act as a shock absorber to the CVs and the "shear" properties of the more traditional solid types of shaft as well as using high silicon content aeromotive steel and of course that's before heat tratement!! CVs tend to break because the shock load is so high and there is no "whip" to take the strain. If you are interested then PM me happy to have a chat.

So yes its material- high silicon steels as used in planes, yes its design with uncommon "gun drilling techniques" and then yes it gets even more specialist in the annealing process afterward. I have some pics of one of Loebs WRC shafts that they made for GKN you would be staggered how thin the walls are!!

So there we have it for my 3 penneth Oh and by the way Matty thanks for delivering Fuds Toucan to me so carefully wrapped.


25th July 2013, 12:22
Hey Matty,

Any update with these? :)

2nd August 2013, 19:32
matty how are you getting on with the prices m8