View Full Version : Scotland trip info

7th May 2012, 17:42
Hi Lads,

I want to come to the great of Scotland this summer.
Take my beloved Impreza and do some driving.

I'm looking for some info about B&B's, great driving roads, great places to see
Maybe if possible to visit the McRae house ?

Also intrested in doing the West Highland Trail, doing some hiking for a few days.
We (me and the missus) are expierienced hikers, doing some survival is no problem.
Been there done that... :lol:

Thanks !

20th May 2012, 21:20
Not much help on the accommodation front as the only place I've stayed was http://www.beinglascampsite.co.uk and their wooden challet was nice enough. If you are planning on doing bits of the West Highland Way then you will be next to the A82, which is a good place to start. It is more difficult to find bad roads than good if you start there are head north - just avoid the A9 as much as possible. I've only done the WHW on bike so my take on it will be different to someone doing it on foot, but I'd suggest avoiding the bit closest to Glasgow as it is flat and wide - good for covering distance, but nothing much of interest.