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Matt R
7th February 2012, 22:23
Got a friend in Canada who supplies a large amount a Yokohama tyre's and been speaking with him about the possibility of sorting out a group buy.

Would need to be a minimum of 48 tyre's (12 sets) on a pallet to make it viable.

Obviously it would all depend on pricing but thought I'd see if there was any interest before exploring it further.

If it's something you might be interested in the let me know what tyre you'd like and in what size.


Andy STi V3
7th February 2012, 23:07
Hi Matt

Do they still do A539's?

Its a tyre I used to use a lot of about 10 years ago and they pulled me out of the Sh1t a few times when I would approach a corner and think think 'oh god, this is it' ;)

205/45/16 x4 need some in the next 4-8 weeks as mine are boarder line...

Matt R
7th February 2012, 23:14
I'll find out Andy.

Will also check to see if any other brands would be available in a group buy. Just Yokohama's for the time being until I've spoken with him.

9th February 2012, 09:33
235 40 18 track day A048 tyres or equivalent


10th February 2012, 13:05
Hey I will be after some new rubber for the road soon, got parada spec 2's at the moment, could be interested if price is right. 225/40/18 I think off the top of my head

17th February 2012, 13:22
Got aprice on set of 4 265/40/18 thanks john

stephen a
16th March 2012, 10:35
iainscooby have you used ur spec 2s for any track days?i am running the same tyres and was just wondering if you knew the pressures for hot/cold track day use ???

16th March 2012, 11:46
Tried my spec 2s on track they were terrible in the dry and dangerous in the wet

stephen a
18th March 2012, 21:44
so what did you change to

19th March 2012, 06:51
Kumho V70A Medium Compound

19th March 2012, 15:17
And how are they tyre Damian?

19th March 2012, 18:23
Absolutely fantastic tyres Peter. I might try a set of Dunlop CR311s next though.

stephen a
19th March 2012, 20:49
so you reckon the spec 2 are a bad tyre then