View Full Version : Chargespeed GC8 centre bonnet vent

5th August 2008, 20:20
I've started this thread over on S'net in Group Buy (http://bbs.scoobynet.com/group-buys-356/704528-chargespeed-gc8-centre-bonnet-vent.html#post8051192) for these facelift GC8 bonnet vents


If your interested, and of course haven't already seen the other thread please add your name to it


5th August 2008, 22:53
Would it not also be a good idea to incorporate Bugeyes, blobeyes, and hawkeyes...

5th August 2008, 23:09
Could do, but was trying to keep it simple...but hey, the more the merrier :D

I'll have a look at the site and put up another thread...

6th August 2008, 17:54
Right, bit more info:

Cut off date for orders and payment would be August 25th.

They would be delivered in early November, maybe late October, unless we want to pay a premium for air freight from Japan

Some rough figures..

Carbon: Retail 160.00 + p&p + VAT = 199.75
FRP : Retail 85.00 + p&p + VAT = 111.63

Group buy, 5 orders -10%
10 orders - 15%

So Carbon delivered 179.77 ( 5 orders)
Carbon delivered 169.79 ( 10 orders)
FRP delivered 100.47 ( 5 orders)
FRP delivered 94.88 (10 orders)
Painting additional 47.00 if required.

These can be mixed between models (ie GC8 and the various GDB models), but not carbon/FRP