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Bob D
17th October 2007, 11:40
Exedy uprated organic racing clutch + Exedy lightweight billet flywheel

Have managed to get the price down to 495 all inc + 10 delivery. Thats for both the clutch (230mm) and flywheel for all 5 speed gearboxes.

Minimum of 5 people:


Lateral Performance Ltd
17th October 2007, 18:48
Who's the supplier Bob ? and do you have the clutch pt.no ?


Bob D
17th October 2007, 23:33
Is it too cheap Mark? ;)

18th October 2007, 11:08
Not if it turns out to not be what you're expecting.

Bob D
18th October 2007, 11:11
You mean the non-race Daikan/Exedy stuff?

Bob D
18th October 2007, 11:12
or the fakes?

18th October 2007, 21:27
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Bob D
18th October 2007, 22:09
It is right :D

How much did you just pay? 700-800?

Lateral Performance Ltd
18th October 2007, 22:33

It's a pretty simple question ?

There are many people out there selling "up rated parts", that aren't what they're supposed to be.

Why would anyone want to keep a group buy supplier, and the pt.no's a secret ?

If the parts are genuine, good luck to you.


Duncan Graham
18th October 2007, 22:44

Bob D
18th October 2007, 23:01
Stock is 100% genuine.

I'll get the part numbers up Monday/Tuesday.

19th October 2007, 14:00
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19th October 2007, 14:06
Originally posted by 22bdaddy:
Bob i paid alot more than 700 mate if they are 100% some 1 is making alot of money from people ill be keeping an eye on this 1 mark what is your views mate ? 1000+ vat from you i recall ??? Did you buy single or twin plate?

Lateral Performance Ltd
19th October 2007, 14:49

Sorry don't know who that is ?

I can only assume you bought an Exedy Hyper twin, with bearings ?

Not a 230mm organic clutch, & flywheel !!!

Whilst you keep one eye on the thread, can you use the other to read what's actually being offered ;)


19th October 2007, 18:17
Yes my mistake was jumping the gun a little like i normally do will read threads more carfully in the future lesson learnt...

Cheers mark....