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13th September 2007, 11:19
Anybody interested again, just asked at custom cages and they are prepared to do another depending on qty's smile.gif

Potentially a 20% saving if interested.

Im not needing one, but I have heard people mention wanting them.

renno rannes
13th September 2007, 11:38
I could be.

13th September 2007, 12:36
I would be looking at:#

1 x wagon cage T45
1 x GC8 2 door cage, T45

1 x GC8 4 door cage, T45
1 x 44S 2006 int spec cage in T45

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14th September 2007, 07:13
I wonder if they would include their bolt in cage in the group buy?

16th September 2007, 21:47
I'm interested, I'll have to contact the guy doing the welding 1st though to confirm. When are you considering doing this GB?
GC8 2 Dr, t45

17th September 2007, 09:51
depends if there is enough interest smile.gif

17th September 2007, 22:26
Well I am interested, are there any rough prices to go by?

Correction in my above spec to

CDS 45mm dia 2dr

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18th September 2007, 11:16
Also profiled or unprofiled ends?

25th September 2007, 21:50
I'll have to take myself off this list, its off in tomorrow for the cage. Sorry for any inconvenience.

25th September 2007, 22:11
any idea on cost?

5th October 2007, 09:26
Could also be in depending on price ?

11th October 2007, 20:03
Any news deffo need 1 of these after i watched that evo the other day made me think 6ft 4 not going to have much neck and head left if i roll,paul sure u got enough cars on your list mate lol see you soon ...