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8th November 2006, 18:01

Have been authorised to do a Swissol group buy from HQ and had listed it on Scoobynet but its since been removed at my request (and a slap on the wrists) Please see further down this thread and I've re-added the info.


ps I know most of you prefer to spend money making them go faster but maybe a little cleaning and waxing could reduce drag!? Was told on this visit oop north that a blokey uses it on his Jet and claims an increase in speed and mpg!

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9th November 2006, 12:19
Looks like you've been zapped chap!

Removed due to commercial content.

9th November 2006, 16:51
who edited and why please?

9th November 2006, 16:59
Asking on the wrong BBS Tim.

9th November 2006, 17:04
Good point Steven. I've got the arse as have been issued a "warning" yet Harveys non-commercial interest Sigma thread has reappeared.


9th November 2006, 19:07
Hi there :D

Have been up to see Swissol GB and have been given permission to run a group buy on ALL their products at a rate of 10% off the RRP. Goods ordered will be shipped to me in bulk then I'll ship em out to you at cost. Rough postage costs are 5 for a starter kit.
The complete range can be viewed at Envy (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products.asp) or at Swissol (http://www.swissol.co.uk/)
Suggestions from Swissol is that to start your collection you look towards Starter Kit without wax (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=9) then add a wax of your own choice perhaps Samurai wax (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=45)
On a personal note I strongly suggest that you look at buying Car bath (http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=18) as it really is an exceptional product and lasts and lasts and will not remove whatever you do use on your car for polishing/waxing purposes.
At a 1st glance the products may well seem costly but in terms of how long a pot of wax will last you I have a pot of (now discontinued) Concourso wax which is into its 3rd year of use on a once a month basis and there is still 1/3rd left! It cost 90 at the time so it works out at <30 a year and is still going!
The cleaner fluid should only be used a maximum of twice a year and based on a Scoob you'd use no more than 1/5th of a bottle a time.
Anyway no doubt you're all bored now but to finish off with please express interest on this thread of what you'd like and will let the buy run for a month so you will get your items through in time to be a Christmas present from you to your car!

Best wishes


2nd December 2006, 10:39
I have 10 bottles of the car bath in my possession......

13th December 2006, 21:46
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