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26th September 2006, 19:07
As above going to start a group buy for the 335mm big brake kit which retains the original 4 pot calipers, see www.godspeedbrakes.co.uk (http://www.godspeedbrakes.co.uk) for more details.

Spoke to Ian earlier today and he gave me some prices and numbers as follows: 5 Kits or more 575- 10 delivery
10 Kits or more 550- 10 delivery

Ian also offered the follwing kits aswell:

335mm AP 6 pot kits - 5 or more 1250 - 10 or more 1200 delivered
308mm AP 4 pot kits - 5 or more 900 delivered per kit
325mm AP 4 pot kits - 5 or more 1000 delivered per kit

All above kits come with Godspeed discs and bells and Ferodo DS2500 pads

Aso replacement standard and larger discs:

Standard sized 277mm or 295mm grooved front discs 5 pairs or more 100 a

Standard sized 266mm vented or solid grooved rear discs 5 pairs or more 100 a pair

290mm rear vented grooved discs bugeye onwards 150 a pair with 5 or more

you can mix and match standard sized discs as long as there is a total of 5
pairs or more
Delivery on standard sized discs 10 per parcel

please add you names to the list if you're interested the main group buy page is on Scoobynet so if you could add your names to the list on there unless you're not registered then just put them on here and I will sort it out scoobynet group buy page: http://bbs.scoobynet.com/godspeed-335mm-big-t546726.html

1) Tiss- 335mm Big brake kit Ferodo DS2500 pads.