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19th September 2006, 06:57
I'm in the process of sorting out a group buy with the RX-7 lot, and as SMB also do scoob exhausts figured it'd make sense to offer it over here as well smile.gif

I got one for my last RX-7 and was hugely impressed with how much better it flowed than what I had, and just how much quieter it was. AlanG, DRB5 or anyone paying attention at TOTB or the Knockhill round of Time Attack will be able to confirm this.

Noise Test Comparisons between their system and the one I used to have on my car, static tests 0.5m From Exhaust, cruise tests from ear level in drivers seat:

Original (custom made to be quiet in the UK)
Idle: 88db
4.5k rpm: 102db
6k rpm: 106db
70mph: 99db
80mph: 102db

Idle: 83db
4.5k rpm: 90db
6k rpm: 93db
70mph: 88db
80mph: 90db

What my last system looked like fresh out the wrapper:


The Impreza exhausts for cars up until 2006 will be similarly quiet to my old system, on 2006 cars they will be slightlt louder.

SMB Web Site (http://www.smb.net.au/fullsystemssubaruwrx.htm)

We get a 10% discount off list if I can put an order (of at least 10 bits of exhausts) together for the start of October (list prices are going up 6% then, so we will be getting 16% off if we can manage this). As I need to head off to work here are the couple of sample prices I put up on the RX-7 forum:

All in prices can not be 100% until we know what shipping will be, so I'll err on the side of caution with a couple of sample prices:

3.5->3" Downpipe: (most exhaust bits are within 5 of this)
Web Site Price:
Minus 10% Discount:
Converted To GBP (2.4aud/gbp)
ImportDuty & VAT Gives A Total Of:

Full 3" System:
Web Site Price:
Minus 10% Discount:
Converted To GBP (2.4aud/gbp)
Shipping (3 parts, so 3 times the 40)
ImportDuty & VAT Gives A Total Of:

19th September 2006, 07:55
Is it april the 1st?

I cant see many on here paying that!


19th September 2006, 17:42
Just thought I'd give you guys the option. I paid approx 600 a section when I bought mine, so the discount is significant over buying direct.

Certainly in the rotary community there are very few exhaust systems that flow well and are quiet enough to get on any track day - I could have run my 500bhp car at Goodwood while others were getting thrown off 'ring.

I ended up paying 2k for the v-mount intercooler/rad setup I was running simply because it was the best proven setup available. I've been through my fair share of cheaper parts that never quite lived up to expectations, and ended up costing me more in the long run than buying a known quality product in the beginning.

I'm fairly sure Alan has spent a lot of time trying to get a quiet&good flowing exhaust for his car. He did practically have a heart attack when I told him how much I had paid for mine, but if you take into account how much time he has spent going back and forth getting things tweaked and the fuel involved in doing this I suspect the cheaper option may not be the obvious one.

To quote the new owner of my old car, who has had a similar powered RX before:

Having experienced what twins should do [all be it uprated] with a PROPPER down pipe and backbox the difference in performance compared to HKS down pipe is unbeilvable and quiet with that backbox is superb - highly recommended

19th September 2006, 19:47
It looks like theres a centre and back box option for about 700 USD there David.

29th September 2006, 20:25
4 inch DP? Who runs these over here?


29th September 2006, 21:01
Anyone with a GT42R I would say.

30th September 2006, 17:06
I was just looking at a 4" dp today!!

On mr Norris's car :D