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trackday addict
4th December 2005, 17:01
Hi Guys,

Please see link below, got your details from the SIDC site. Really trying to gauge interest at the mo - please feel free to email me at johndjbradshaw@yahoo.co.uk

link below


5th December 2005, 09:56
how big is your autoclave?

5th December 2005, 10:35
How many of us are running a mile at the phrase 'Carbon Fibre Group Buy'? ;)

5th December 2005, 11:42
certainly interested in some bits depending on cost..

Need any bits to copy?

Could you make a roof?

5th December 2005, 12:33
the lotus guys use http://reverie.ltd.uk/shop/products.php?g1=d02dc6 for pre-preg

but it's

trackday addict
5th December 2005, 21:17
Hi guys, got your link from the SIDC so understand why you could be tempted to run !!
You are welcome to pop down to Southampton to have a look, if 1 of you live near Southampton you are more than welcome.

Autclave is big enough to get anything in apart from a full shell ! - certainly bumpers, bonnets, spoilers etc. Anyone local that wants to pop down & have a look around at some of the stuff we do - have got a tvr project car in at the mo or if you are near Brighton happy for you to see a dash just completed on the skyline @ GT Art.

trackday addict
5th December 2005, 21:27
Sorry to help your fears, we have been mainly been producing parts for various Superbike teams for years now. Car parts the odd project here or there. have been asked an awful lot over the last 12 - 18 months by mainly Jap car owners for various parts. I bought my first Skyline in Jan 04 & then decided this year in May to create a monster drag machine for 06. I realised there was noone around at the mo who made one off parts like dash, doors, interior bits etc.
Everyone seems to make bonnets, boots etc - my gripe there is they make them in wet lay not pre preg so no real weight saving, more cosmetic which I have to be honest is more for your saxo/nova !.

Anyhow as said before more than happy to show you around. The skyline will be finished in feb & on a trade stand we will put on at Jap fest, carbon bonnet, boot, doors, dash, wings, door cards, interior ie/ seats etc etc.

Would love to get a couple of you interested & make the tools/moulds from there.


Dan Lewis
5th December 2005, 22:30
I see you found your way over then, welcome to 22b smile.gif would be nice to see some quality prepeg carbon products come out for subarus, because as you say most of the stuff around is wetlay and most of the 'carbon' bonnets are on grp frames so no real weight saving.

cant really justify the expense of a load of CF bits on my little project at the moment, need more power first, but im sure there will be some interest from other people already alot further down the slippery modding slope ;) :D


6th December 2005, 09:59
sounds good.

If I get a free weekend, i would certainly like to pop down.

Are you open on saturdays?

I have an autoclaved front bumper and can certainly appreciate the difference in weight.

Dashboard sounds interesting, but surely if lacquered then reflections are going to be an issue?

6th December 2005, 11:23
Would be interested to see too. I'm not all that interested in Jap car parts at the moment - I'm looking for British car parts - but do have lots of bits and pieces (panels, doors, boot-lid and the like) that I don't need that you can borrow.

I'll be in Southampton on Friday afternoon too. (I live just across the water)

Andy Peanuts
6th December 2005, 14:06
I live about a dozen miles away and would be happy to let you use my bonnet and more importantly, boot as moulds.

trackday addict
6th December 2005, 20:02
Hi guys thanks very much your help is much appreciated, please give us a call on 02380 847384 to arrange coming down etc.
Adam - you can see a skyline dash we are just finishing - dash can be laquered, tinted laquered or just plain unlaquered. In terms of glare you could go for a tint or plain or plain top part & laquered front etc.

Dnb/Peanuts - Give us a call & let us know when you would want to pop down.
Ideally wings, doors, bootlid, dash, wing mirrors, air box, rear spoiler(roof) reaf & front spoilers & side skirts, door trim (ie/ name plate on passenger & driver door entrance)etc etc

Floyd - havnt forgotton mate - have sent you an e-mail back. we didnt get out of GT Art till after 5.30 & just got home now.

Cheers all

6th December 2005, 21:36
Ideally wings, doors, bootlid, dash, wing mirrors, air box, rear spoiler(roof) reaf & front spoilers & side skirts, door trim John, can you put a 'ballpark' price figure on those items, plus front/rear bumpers, assuming there was enough interest to make it worthwhile doing, say 10-off.


6th December 2005, 21:46
I am sure we can drum up some interest SOMEWHERE! ;)

6th December 2005, 22:18
Might be interested in some slim line door cards that miss the cage.. (classic shaped impreza)

Found a flocking company for the dash :D


trackday addict
6th December 2005, 23:24
Ok will come back with a definitive list showing the following:

A/ 5 off cost
B/ 10 off cost
Tooling costs will be shown seperately & then divided equally on the above.
C/ An after price will be provided showing the same parts after the tool has been made (obviously cheaper) -

There is always the option for you as a club to own the tool - may or maynot be of interest to you?

Or If we do a "guinea pig" car we will do a deal on that particular car for the owner in order to make the moulds.

Either way Ill come back to you by Monday PM with all options & hopefully a full "shopping list"

i'm more than happy to trawl through model specs if someone can help point me in the right direction. I'm particularly interested to understand properly:

A/Model types
B/The changes from model to model ie/ dash change, door change, bodykit change, bonnet, bootlid change etc. Trying to get a feel for how many models/spec changes need to be incorporated.

Thanks again

7th December 2005, 07:48
Tim (slooby) will be here any second to give you a history of models and changes etc :D


7th December 2005, 08:37
Hahaaaa tongue.gif

There are three basic standard Classic Impreza body styles and 2 interior, and the 22b which is unique on the exterior front.

On the body style front I suspect that most would opt for the last varient of the standard classic model, but there is bound to be interest in the 22b styling for standard cars.

Based on this I would suspect these are the components people would be interested in:

Calssic Impreza

MY99 on style front bumper
MY99 on style front fog lamp blanking plates
MY99 style grill
MY97 on style bonnet
MY97 on style bonnet scoop
MY97 on style bonnet vents
MY97 on style bonnet with alternative vents
Bootlid (this never changed,except for holes for the spoiler)
MY97 on style rear bumper
Roof (never changed)
Doors (design never changed) 4 door and 2 door types
5 door tailgate
MY98 on style dash (simpler shape than the earlier model, although more cubbies)
MY98 on door trims (2 and 4 door)
Sti 5 rear spoiler

22b different parts
Front bumper (incorporates grill)
Front fog lamp blanking plates
Front driving lamp surrounds
Rear bumper
Bonnet vents
Rear spoiler
Front wings
Rear wings

Custom classic parts:
Narrow body 22b style front bumper
Narrow body 22b style rear bumper

Hope this helps give an idea!

7th December 2005, 08:53
You forgot the 22b side skirts ;)

7th December 2005, 09:05
And classic side skirts and rear bumper trims too :rolleyes:

Tone Loc
7th December 2005, 22:42
And forget the nasty Sti wing, a Prodrive WR wing would be far better (plus i have one that can be copied ;)


8th December 2005, 09:41
I disagree,

I think the standard sti 5 or preferably 6 rear wing is the most popular and best looking.

8th December 2005, 09:47
Also copying the Prodrive wing is likely to end up with more legal problems as a registered design (the same could be argued about the Sti wing I guess, but you can bet Prodrive would be more keen to chase it up!)

8th December 2005, 10:15
I would be very surprised if prodrive succeeded in attaining a registered design on their rear wing.

designs have to have individual character, and the overall impression given by the rear wing needs to be different from the overall impression that other wings in the same design field are likely to give off.

In this case, I really can't imagine there is enough individual character so wouldn't worry.

There are similar provisions for unregistered design right relating to the design being original and noncommonplace, apart from the fact that it probably doesn't fall within these provisions, the terms during which they could successfully sue under UDR have expired.

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8th December 2005, 10:39
trackday addict - YHM regarding parts and stuff.

8th December 2005, 10:48
do you have any bits of your shell left or are you using that?