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28th November 2005, 12:39
Hi all,

Just thought I'd let you all know of the Group Buy I'm running on Scoobynet.
After considerable researching on Induction Kits for Imprezas, and speaking to Specialists, Companies and Motorsport Teams, I have whittled the best ones down.
We did consider the APS Cold Air Induction Kit, but there are none available in the UK. and won't be for some time.

After speaking to Olly Clark at Roger Clark Motorsport, he suggested the RCM01/RCM04 Kit.

Unlike the APS Kit, this kit does NOT require a re-map after fitting and is totally MAF friendly. Although it does not fit into the inner wing like the APS kit where the air is cooler, it has a much larger Cone Filter and therefore has a much better and bigger air flow. This is the kit of choice for all their project & Rally cars.


The kit is cheaper as well, coming in at 144+VAT, but of course they are willing to give us a good Group Buy price.

The popular Graham Goode Racing Kit, which is the same as the RCM kit, retails for 144.60+VAT. They are not too keen on Group Buys though, but might consider it.

I have consulted with Scooby God, Andy F. for advice on this matter.

Add interested names and Impreza model on the list:


Andrew Carr
28th November 2005, 17:15
Your link above is incomplete:


29th November 2005, 11:16
I spoke to Scooby God Andy F. yesterday about Induction Kits, and he said that APS does get more access to cold air alot more freely. The likes of the RCM kits might suffer from some heat soak in very hot weather when stuck in like traffic for a while. Its fine when the cars moving however. This can be compensated by fitting a cold air feeder through the wing sourcing cold air in the same area as the APS kit does. With the RCM / GGR kits, the Induction roar, wastegate chatter & dumpvalve will be alot more audible(like a WRC car), unlike the APS, which will be quite quiet due to its location within the wing.
The APS kit also uses a small K&N cone, whethers the RCM /GGR kits have a massive K&N cone, therefore allowing more air flow.

I think, in my opinion, the RCM with a Cold Air Feeder Kit (which retails for an extra 16 - which I'm sure we could get thrown in with the deal) would be the best compremise, as you get all the Cold Air benefits, that the APS kit gets, by fitting the Cold Air Feeder, plus you get the benefits of the increased air flow with the bigger cone and the Rally car noise that comes with it.
RCM use this kit in the World Record Icelandic Team Scoob and it doesn't seem to suffer from heat soak.

Hope this helps some if you guys that were only considering the APS kit. Like I said, the main supplier, G-Force, told me they they had no gurantee they were getting any more Cold Air kits in for the Classic, as APS are no longer making the kit, and are depleting their stocks.

29th November 2005, 11:35
Originally posted by CyprusScooby:
I spoke to Scooby God Andy F. yesterday Pleeeeze, drop the scooby god bit http://www.passionford.com/forum/images/smiles/1053181694.gif I'm trying to lighten my car and this only adds critical weight to the cranium area. Not to mention turning me into public enemy No1 of the other tuners http://www.passionford.com/forum/images/smiles/violent13.gif

FWIW I think the ice car does suffer from heat soak ,otherwise they would not be sitting with the bonnet up and ice packs on it right up until the last seconds before a race.

[ 29. November 2005, 11:51 AM: Message edited by: Andy.F ]

30th November 2005, 07:32
Sorry Andy! Lol. Just picked up that from what other people were referring to you as!!!!! :D

I saw what you wrote on the other site about the ice Team Scoob and its heat soak issues.
Shouldn't be too much a problem in I won't be running stupid bhp and ragging it everywhere.....I hope!

30th November 2005, 08:36
In Team ICE's case is it heat soak, or trying to get every last little bit out of the engine by what ever means available?

I suspect it's more of the latter myself...

30th November 2005, 08:55
Desperate measures, not exactly an example of its everyday performance capability then :rolleyes: :D

30th November 2005, 09:35
LOL...so the use of duct tape over every panel gap to gain an extra 4mph at the top end wasn't a desparate measure then? tongue.gif ;) :D

(I have the spooooon of war and I'm not afraid to use it tongue.gif )

30th November 2005, 10:17
...and I thought the duck tape was a mean look..
damn have to go and remove it all now.. ;)

30th November 2005, 13:26
No, that was just for fun, the 207mph was enough really tongue.gif

30th November 2005, 15:03
it never occured to me before, but perhaps its because of Andy's achievements and praise from others that his head has outgrown his hair!

30th November 2005, 15:14
Nah, he's a tight scotchman. That portion of hair wouldnt pay ground rent, so he evicted it.

30th November 2005, 15:21
FPSML @ Steven :D