View Full Version : Short Sharp SX Reg Group Buy

Carl Davey
15th June 2005, 23:55
HERE (http://bbs.scoobynet.co.uk/showthread.php?t=434846)

I'm looking at importing a couple of these for myself. Shipping costs are obviously quite high so the more purchased the cheaper they get, for me and you. All being well with a nudge here and wink there HM Customs won't notice a thing.

They are bare regulators and do not come with the Impreza fitting kit but it isn't hard to locate the parts. For quick installation Pirtek can supply the 6AN/push-fit fittings for a few quid each and the rail adaptor is available from FSE. They are available in red, blue, purple or black.

Cost for the regulators in various quantities below (includes recorded delivery to your door):

3 - 95.00 each
4 - 91.50 each
5 - 88.00 each

Just for the cynics i'm not doing this to try and make a profit. Just seeing if i can save myself and some others some cash. I'd need payment via PayPal (+ 4.5%) almost right away and i'd hope to have the regulators with you mid July.

Anyone interested? I'd like to know definite numbers by Friday evening if possible.