View Full Version : Doing a group buy for carbon fibre inter cooler splitters

8th April 2005, 21:15
Hi everyone, this is my first post and its good to be here.

At the moment i am doing a group buy on carbon fibre intercooler splitters and intercooler tilt (to fit 97 facelift cars onwards inc 22b's) kits on Scoobynet. Basically the splitters are going for 45 inc p+p and the tilt kits 5-8 inc p+p depending on how much the seller can get the kit for. You can have both for 50 inc p+p or both and the splitter laquered for 55 inc p+p. I have been after one of these since missing the last group buy which were made from metal and have been seen on e-bay for up to 90 quid each so when I heard the seller was making them again and from carbon fibre I just had to have one. So i just thought I would give some of the other Subaru gang the chance to buy them as well, if your interested have a look on http://www.scoobynet.co.uk/ under the group buy threads for all the info and pictures or even gave me a mail.


Roy aka green scooby

11th April 2005, 08:50
welcome to the board.

Lots of fmic owners on here, so not sure how much interest you will get but good luck regardless.

11th April 2005, 17:40
Mmmmmm, now there is something i did not think about!!! stupid me! think I will change the title of the thread to MANIFOLD COOLER SPLITTER, sounds good, now who wants one:)