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13th December 2004, 12:15
If i can sort it, whos up for it?

13th December 2004, 12:29
bit of info on them


13th December 2004, 12:41
I'm not!! :D

13th December 2004, 12:52
Potentially. I would like to drive one first if possible.

Does the steel unit have damped plates at all? I see the top of the range unit has a central damper with replacable ring style plates.

In short, which one is most suitable for about 550ft-lb peak (but normally no more than 500), but gives sensible driveability? Is it worthwhile over the Exedy twin?


13th December 2004, 14:05
I would be going for the aluminium cover due to the damper, and additional rating.

Driveability appeared fine from what i saw at low speeds, and having driven a car with a group a 3 paddle clutch that would have been smoother with a switch on the dash board for off and on, i think i would be able to live with it, but then it wont be my daily driver anymore.

13th December 2004, 14:12
yep, id agree seemed fine, however do we need the conversion kit as well. or is it included?

13th December 2004, 14:19
I am obtaining a price with the conversion kit included.

13th December 2004, 16:48

TS2BD Steel cover 980 + vat
Alteration kit 265 + vat
Total of 1462.88 including vat.
Minus dsicount for 5 off = 1245 including vat

R2CD Aluminium cover, sprung hub 1100 + vat
Alteration kit 265 + vat
Total of 1603.88 including vat
Minus discount for 5 off = 1365 including vat

Both kits include Flywheel, plates, cover and alteration kit

Can have any mix of the 2, prices are based on 5 buyers.


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13th December 2004, 18:13
hmm i not keen on these i broke one in my car actually broke one of the plates this is why i went over to Cusco twin plate if you fancy the AST carbon let me no as i get those at a good price ....chris

13th December 2004, 20:27
Chris, i have heard too many good reports about this kit, bought through RB Motorsport, and seen it in application on a few cars, at least 2 of those cars above the power and torque yours or my 2.5's will produce.

Its the one i am going for, but thanks for the interest.


RSVR Racer
13th December 2004, 20:57
Steven, whats the torque ratings of said clutches?


13th December 2004, 21:30
In the brochures (and website) they are stated as 9800Nm and 10700Nm.
Talking to RB, there seems to be an anomaly in this printed rating,but it was reckoned it was 980Nm and 1070Nm which is 722Ib ft and 789Ib ft.

13th December 2004, 21:32
I think it also depends on what plates you use as well as apparantly you have a choice of 10 different variations to suit any application.

I haven't seen a brochure or read any information detailing what the 10 variations are or what they are suited to.

Maybe Cord may know a bit more about the choices?

14th December 2004, 12:05
I might be up for one.

15th December 2004, 16:42
Steven, before you order drop me an email mate :D Maybe able to sort something out whith these clutches for you from R B

If anyone is interested, maybe sorting one out for David, the guy im using for my next clutch has some pure quality clutches. Can handle mucho power and cheaper than above! No probs if you want to go with the above though, as might be able to sort something out for you guys.

15th December 2004, 16:53
Drop me a pm Frank with what your on about :D

15th December 2004, 18:29

Shall do it now buddy

15th December 2004, 21:57
I thought the Lateral paddle clutch was the weapon of choice for the 2.5's ?
Or am I not the only one having problems with it ?


15th December 2004, 22:34

I thought you were running the HKS clutch now?


16th December 2004, 10:35

As you know i had the same paddle clutch as you and a few others, and to my knowledge, probably done the most mileage on one.

After 8000+ miles, including various drag days, and heavy stop start traffic, where i have a habbit of holding the car on the clutch as opposed to the handbrake, lets just say the clutch is fecked IMO.

It was starting to judder heavily, on low speed applications like reversing, and ocassionaly when setting off.

The pads were down to the rivets, and the flywheel heavily graunched from this.

Hence why i am interested in something different.


16th December 2004, 10:40
Whereas my AB (Absolute Bastard) 4 paddle judders so bad I don't slip it hardly at all. Perhaps this is why it is lasting well.


16th December 2004, 11:00
Probably paul. Its seems i forgot how to use one, since i had a 3 paddle in my 106, which would have been easier with an on/off switch on the dash.