View Full Version : Stainless Torx head bolts in engine bay

23rd August 2004, 09:30
Just an idea, feel free to dismiss it, but like the idea of neatening up the engine bay from the beginning by replacing all the obvious bolts with stainless steel torx heads.

I saw that Pete Kurby (Croney's father in law) had done this some time ago because he wanted to prevent the extra corrosion he would experience on his car in spain.

I thought this was a great idea as it was tidy and convenient.

I am wondering if anyone has to the knowledge to be able to make a list of what is needed. I have no idea where to buy such things, but thought tht if there were enough of us, we could buy in bulk and put together a kit.

Not sure if anyone would be bothered to do that, but it is something I would like to do eventually.

23rd August 2004, 09:46
I dont like torx head bits.. I would rather go for cap heads if you must..

common sizes are m6 and m8, I would get varying m6 lengths between 10mm and 25mm and m8 varying between 20mm and 60mm (not many massive length ones)

23rd August 2004, 09:54
Hex head with integral flange would be best, like the original subaru but in stainless. I am sure they are a JIS standard fastener.

BTW stainless bolts are poor performers except in terms of corrosion resistance.


23rd August 2004, 09:58
internal flange?? paul? eh?

whats one of them?

23rd August 2004, 10:02
it's an integral flange, built in washer.


23rd August 2004, 10:07
Adamtis kicks in..

is the washer fixed to the back of the head or free to rotate?

23rd August 2004, 10:09

whats wrong with torx? I thought they gave the best purchase on the bolt.

Do you have a better material suggestion?

23rd August 2004, 10:30
I'd be interested to know where I could acquire some flanged bolts - no-one round here stocks them :( Not even the marine places... (Stainless or otherwise) I don't like having to use washers, as they tend to get lost.

I know stainless isn't great for strength, but for some things - eg alarm bracket bolts - it's sufficient.

23rd August 2004, 11:41
titanium? :D

would be great to make up a kit.

23rd August 2004, 12:31
Why not get your existing bolts anodised? Then you would have all the right sizes in the correct material with a tarty look that you're after :D


23rd August 2004, 12:53
Or just paint them silver like I do! redface.gif

23rd August 2004, 13:01
sadly, you are assuming I have the right ones in there now!

Its been a apart a few times now, nothing appears to be as it should be!
Really need to butcher an unmolested car to find out all the correct bolts!

23rd August 2004, 15:21
I didn't say anything wrong with torz, they are lovely with the correct tools, but they do collect crap.


i mean the 12mm hex M8 bolts with the flange that is part of the head, they are nice to fit as they don't dissapear up the socket etc.


23rd August 2004, 15:45
paul.. cheers know exactly what you mean.

23rd August 2004, 15:48
ok, paul, now where to get them from?

and you aren't keen on stainless because it isn't very strong?

but is it strong enough for the job?

23rd August 2004, 16:15

I've used SS Allen headed bolts in my engine bay for sometime with no ill effects, but agree with Paul, if someone can supply replacement bolts such as the Allen headed ones with the *washer section* for want of a better word, attached to it, it would look so much neater

25th August 2004, 00:10
If anyone is interested in doing this or knows where integral flanged bolts can be purchased from, I would greatly appreciate it.