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4th August 2004, 15:40

I thought this was worth drawing other's attention to.

4th August 2004, 16:15
I tried to view the thread, but got this message...

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Not that Im sure I'm missing much, but wtf is that all about ???

4th August 2004, 16:32
If that's the new "competition pro" model then I can vouch for it - very easy to operate, you can save the logs and look at them in the pc later and it's said to be virtually spot on as well.

Very good to practice quarter mile runs with - or even use as a relative before/after mods portable dyno.



4th August 2004, 16:44
As Ive mentioned on another thread, have you checked out the Race technology AX22. It uses GPS as well as accelerometers for more accuracy, and offers a lot more scope for tuning I would think.

5th August 2004, 14:07
500quid though!

5th August 2004, 16:07
Well, I had the old AP22 which I never used much. The software was also out of date, as new analysis software available, and wont work with mine.
And generally, I wasnt convinced results from it were accurate enough to be repeatable. Perhaps I never took the time to set it up properly though, as there were a lot of variables.

They offered me a fair price and good discount on a trade in for it.

You all have drag strips, and rolling roads available to guage performance. Over here, we have f**k all.

At least now I have something I beleive to be reliable in measuring performance, and also hopefully the harder items to measure, such as 60ft times etc with accuracy, which I dont believe any accelerometer only based product could do. Due to different launch techniques messing up the readings.

Im sure you have spent 500 on things which would be less useful. I feel this is money well spent in my case.