View Full Version : Group Buy on the CustomScoobies 92-96 ECU Chip

Julian WRX MY93
26th July 2004, 19:55

or try


anyone on here intrested?

27th July 2004, 00:45
Ill do a group buy on scoobyecu's for 60

Hows that sound?



27th July 2004, 01:34
ROTF... - :D

Julian WRX MY93
27th July 2004, 07:21
Thats if you've got some in stock!

i would've have one!

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Julian WRX MY93
27th July 2004, 07:22
but bet you won't!

27th July 2004, 09:34
Julian,, how many times did I tell you I had one.. Just email me.

If I dont have them in stock I can order them.. duh.


Julian WRX MY93
27th July 2004, 13:08
tried emailing you and never got one back........

27th July 2004, 13:48
you had email problems did you not??

Julian WRX MY93
27th July 2004, 17:31
so when you starting your group buy then?

Jon says that it is his own single chip........

27th July 2004, 23:56
Mail me if you want one..

Its not for me to start a group buy.. hardly ethical.. After totb if required.. I would have to discuss this with an other first and see what final price I can come up with depending on numbers.. but could be interesting smile.gif

Own single chip, very interesting indeed.

Who was the gineau pig? how many cars has it been tested on and for how long..

What the max ignition advance and boost targets?

Just worth knowing on an 'older' engine like yours smile.gif

Julian WRX MY93
28th July 2004, 07:18
will have to ask the questions!

28th July 2004, 07:51
Jon said the same to me, has made his own ecu.

Apparently its been tested on 4 cars and they have all done a combined mileage of around 60,000 miles i think

28th July 2004, 12:43
I liked the comment about "not much of a markup". All depends on your point of view, I suppose.

Tempted to buy one, just to do a comparison.

28th July 2004, 13:40

Jon has replied its only for TD05 turbos

28th July 2004, 23:32
None of the Important/Technical questions have been answered though......... :confused:


29th July 2004, 07:48
how many miles with the map?

Julian WRX MY93
29th July 2004, 09:02
recons 60000 on 4 cars.....

Julian WRX MY93
7th August 2004, 02:34
jon is having his chip checked at API by david to make sure its alright.

be good to here the feed back on it.

Jonny Boy
9th August 2004, 08:47
David YHM shortly...

Jonny Boy
9th August 2004, 08:49
Just tried and it bounced?

Julian WRX MY93
16th August 2004, 17:58
some more news over on scoobynet, and sidc.