View Full Version : FMIC G.B. Guaging interest.

18th July 2004, 15:58
The last Hybrid G.B. is only just finished and I now have three guys expressing an interest.
Anybody else?

20th July 2004, 21:42
will happily run the "fuel pump & reg" buy for as long as required Harvey.................hope this is of help

21st July 2004, 00:22
Cheers Alyn. Three "stragglers want FMICs so I want to check there is nobody else, then leave it alone for a while as there is no great response.

Scott W
23rd July 2004, 12:52
Harvey you have mail - but in actual fact can you ignore it now.... sorry.

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17th August 2004, 12:13
is this "last for now" GB already closed ?
I might be interested in a set, but I'm not sure yet, can't say until the end of this week.

If the GB is closed already we just forget it, no worries.

20th August 2004, 12:29
Hey Miki: For the chairman, Subaru Club, Suomi, everything is possible. When your interest firms up let me know. By coincidence our shipment left Hong Kong today so we will have it next week but I have been asked if I am prepared to hold a buffer stock.

Tone Loc
21st August 2004, 15:04
Harvey.... would you have any buffer stock in this next shipment?


21st August 2004, 19:18
I have not agreed to hold any as yet and all the intercoolers en route are spoken for.

22nd August 2004, 13:40
Thank you Harvey, excellent service as usual! smile.gif

I haven't, however, heard anything from the guy who was interested, so let's just forget it, at least for now.

22nd August 2004, 16:12
If things change Miki just e-mail me. Your favourite Scotsman.
Do you need an intercooler Tony?

Tone Loc
22nd August 2004, 20:31

I may be in need of one. Since i jumped out of the group buy (2nd one???) the reason i left never materialised :( :( Obviously don't want to go into details about it but i'm sure you can work it out (if you can rememeber).

So to cut a long story short if there is an oportunity to get one i would be interested.



27th August 2004, 00:02
The intercooler kits have arrived.
Will e-mail all concerned in the next 24hrs. max.