View Full Version : Whiteline GB currently on SNet

Andrew Carr
9th July 2004, 14:44
In case anyone has missed it there is GB on Whiteline products from Demon Tweeks going on at the moment.

15% off DT existing prices is pretty good as they are already about 10% cheaper than most people.

Details here: http://bbs.scoobynet.co.uk/showthread.php?t=337361&page=7


9th July 2004, 15:05
Thanks for that... I don't get on there much now it's BAE blacklisted.

Andy McCord
9th July 2004, 15:41
yes its a pain, I think whats happened with scoobynet, they changed to a new server & thats what cocked us BAE peeps up, MLR went that way but i have got round that prob but not managed Snet. They really are inconsiderate :D

9th July 2004, 22:45
They did that at Roll in Derby.. complete pain..