View Full Version : Uprated Fuel Pumps (Walbro) and FSE Fuel Pressure Regulators.

30th May 2004, 21:01
Gentlemen :

As a number of people will want to uprate their fuel pump and fit a pressure regulator when fitting the Hybrid FMIC a group buy for Walbro Fuel Pumps and FSE Fuel Pressure Regulators has been organised with Alyn at AS Performance. This group buy is open to any 22b member and there are pumps and regulators in stock now.

The cost of a pump and regulator, inclusive of postage is 195. State clearly whether the pump is for a Classic shape or bugeye.

Please note the FSE FPR is designed to operate at 5 bar max pressure. These regulators have a pressure guage attatched to enable initial setup.

To place your order contact AS Performance direct 0191 4103770.

5th July 2004, 21:02
current orders are all shipped and sorted...............this will run after Harvey's front mount buy has ended to enable peeps to get parts fitted, etc............

alyn - asperformance.com

paul shepherd
19th August 2004, 21:27
Please could you tell me if this
offer is still available.
Thanks Shep.

Lateral Performance Ltd
19th August 2004, 21:41
If not, I have them in stock at the same prices.


20th August 2004, 07:25
If I get the fuel pump do I need the FPR and why?


20th August 2004, 07:41
Originally posted by Floyd:
If I get the fuel pump do I need the FPR and why?

F sometimes the stronger pump over powers the OE FPR.. I believe AndrewC had this problem.
Some people claim to have got away with the OE FPR but not sure how they can be sure with no fuel pressure gauge.
I just changed both at the same time as I wanted to be able to adjust the fuel pressure.


paul shepherd
22nd August 2004, 17:14
Thanks Mark,i will call you soon.
cheers Shep.

30th August 2004, 09:38
yes this offer is 'open-ended' for members of Scoobynet/22b.com.............

plenty of stock and include "free" delivery............


30th August 2004, 10:38
State clearly whether the pump is for a Classic shape or bugeye.What's the difference between the two?

30th August 2004, 12:01
two different applications - they changed the pump style when they changed to the "new-age" (although i have come across 1 "classic" that had the new style pump fitted!!)...........you can make them fit each other and the pumps are the same spec. but why bother when you can get the correct one and fit straight in......................

alyn - asperformance.com