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30th May 2004, 20:46
Gentlemen: This Group Buy is now up and running.
The formatwill be somewhat different to the previous two group buys conducted on S/Net to avoid the banking, delivery and distribution problems we experienced during GBs 1 & 2. However, I am sure that all participants to date will agree the group buys were completed successfully ...... in the end, after a lot of hard work, hassle and effort. About 40 Scooby owners can confirm how effective the Hybrid front mount is.

Contrary to previous information both polished and unpolished will be available. These will be supplied UK duty paid from stock held in the UK.

Polished : 585
Unpolished : 540

These intercoolers are a universal fitment for Classic shape MY93-00.
Front mounts for bugeyes should be available late Summer.

To participate in the group buy please add your name to this thread and send me an e-mail, harveysmith1@btopenworld.com (http://harveysmith1@btopenworld.com) with the following information :-

Your name
22b.com name
E-mail address
Delivery address and postcode
Contact phone number
Polished or Unpolished

Please note that if you do not provide this information you will NOT get a response. A lot of time was spent previously chasing relevant information or contacting guys who had given wrong e-mail addresses.

You will then be contacted by e-mail with bank details to allow you to transfer 100 deposit. Only on receipt of your deposit will you be confirmed and notified to that effect. The group buy will be held open until 21 June when the order will be placed. Once the kits are physically in the UK you then pay the balance by bank transfer to suit your own finances and delivery requirements. Despatch will be within two working days of funds clearing using a next day courier.
There will be the facility to use Paypal for the final payment but this will incur a 5% surcharge.
It may be possible to place an interim order if there is adequate take up. Unpolished kits are in production now and polished kits will follow mid June.



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30th May 2004, 21:15
Hi Harvey,
Count me in for unpolished.

30th May 2004, 22:47
Julian Abraham - Unpolished

1st June 2004, 19:49
Hi Harvey!!

Count me in aswell.

Andreas B. - polished kit!!

Email sent to you with info;)



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5th June 2004, 19:57
Wow its good to see the group buy I started all them months ago is still going strong. I still have not fitted mine yet he he Steve (Catalunya)

11th June 2004, 19:50
Have sent e-mail with all details attached :)


12th June 2004, 13:11
scoobypete: Please re-send the above as not received.

12th June 2004, 13:51
ill email my details now

Tone Loc
12th June 2004, 16:22

Any changes to the spec since GBs 1 and 2? Looking at some pics of the later kits (from Mika iirc) and the dull pipe that runs over the turbo nows also seems to be polished. Any other changes you know of?

Also didn't the last GB work out at about 450 (unpolished) inc taxes and delivery? What i'm basically saying is does the increase in cost equate to any changes to the kit?


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12th June 2004, 19:29
Harvey ive re sent I forgot the 1 last time should have paste n copied!!


Tone Loc
14th June 2004, 18:27
Thanks to Mika for answering the questions above (via e-mail that is).

Cheers :D


15th June 2004, 22:44
Scoobypete : YHM
Andy : My e-mail address harveysmith1@btopenworld.com if you want to get in touch. To participate in the GB 100 deposits are required 21 June latest.

17th June 2004, 08:50
count me in - I've e mailed you smile.gif


25th June 2004, 11:51
Everything on track for UK distribution W/C 5 July.

25th June 2004, 17:06

26th June 2004, 14:41
just to let you all know - i was involved in GB 1 and am very pleased with this product - it is simply huge!

bit of a git to fit, but well worth it.

29th June 2004, 14:18
Cheers Richard.

1st July 2004, 06:55
How many coolers is it this time?

I'm very pleased with the quality of the kit, it's well worth the money.
And http://www.stopstart.btinternet.co.uk/sm/notworthy.gif http://www.stopstart.btinternet.co.uk/sm/notworthy.gif http://www.stopstart.btinternet.co.uk/sm/notworthy.gif to Harvey for taking care of things ! http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/thumbs.gif

A couple of pics of the installed kit:

5th July 2004, 11:33
Hi Miki: Greetings to you and the guys in Suomi and Subaru Club of Finland in particular.
We have brought in over 50no.FMICs up to now and I reckon there are quite a few cars with FMICs that would not otherwise have them apart from the good price coupled to good quality.

Our next batch of kits are en route and I will cantact each participant individually later this week.

Andrew Carr
5th July 2004, 11:40
And now we know they're good for at least 399bhp on a 2.0.


10th July 2004, 18:07
Intercoolers are here and I will contact everybody Sunday/Monday with payment details etc.

14th July 2004, 14:00
One spare intercooler here if anybody is interested. harveysmith1@btopenworld.com

14th July 2004, 14:33
HARVEY, CAN I HAVE IT?? (shouting so I could be heard!) Can you mail me the details please?? Will reply later on tonight.

Andy McCord
14th July 2004, 15:13
Harvey, how on earth do you end up with a spare intercooler?? just out of curiosity :D

14th July 2004, 15:40
assuming he gets them shipped direct to him to save shipping.. then distributes them (Making it easier for supplier, saving overseas shipping, reducing costs, but still covering his own time and postage smile.gif ) hence deposit.. someone pulls out.. then 1 remaining.

Andy McCord
14th July 2004, 15:55
David, I thought that at some point in this GB they were required to pay up full B4 shipment :confused: no way off pulling out, unless someone doesnt now want to fit it after buying it.

14th July 2004, 21:39
Pickle: Mailed you earlier.

Andy: I think it was explained clearly in the initial post starting this thread.

Andy McCord
15th July 2004, 07:18
Are there any plans for another GB Harvey?

16th July 2004, 23:51
I have three guys asking already and we can have another G.B. as soon as there is sufficient firm interest.

17th July 2004, 00:27
Andy.. arrange one if you want one.. most people who want parts cheap arrange one :D :D

Andrew Carr
17th July 2004, 12:33
I just wait until people realise they've bought something they don't really want smile.gif :D

Andy McCord
18th July 2004, 10:56
:D David