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4th April 2004, 23:33
Hi Chaps,

This new forum is being setup in order to host group buy threads.

Usage of this forum may, in the fullness of time, be subjected to forum specific restrictions in order to prevent abuse of the facility. With any luck, we won't need to take such action. smile.gif



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5th April 2004, 07:27
Nice idea smile.gif


Rob G
5th April 2004, 11:46
Hmmmm where to start!!

Great idea!!


5th April 2004, 12:59
Im not starting anything. lol. Ive already been nicknamed Group Buy kid/specialist on other forums and i think suppliers are getting annoyed if i dont bring the business to them and take it to another supplier (cause its cheaper). lol

5th April 2004, 14:43
noltec fully floating top mounts?

Danny Fisher
5th April 2004, 14:58
With all these forums popping up, its starting to look like scoobynet. ;)

Oh hang on Anders will have to start charging people to post on here. But we all know that Anders is a more sensible guys than that. :D


5th April 2004, 15:11
no need for that gratuitous dig danny,

don't want to alienate people to that extreme.

5th April 2004, 16:17
Gentlemen : Thanks for this new forum and in particular Anders and Adam. Will sort out my next G.B. when the loose ends from the last one are tidied up. Hopefully this will again benefit the Subaru community as a whole. THANKS.

6th April 2004, 10:22
I suspect that giving thanks for Anders and Adam is pushing community spirit a little too far. ;) smile.gif

6th April 2004, 10:57
Moving too far in the direction of a minor religious cult, that is. ;) smile.gif

6th April 2004, 11:11
Originally posted by MorayMackenzie:
Moving too far in the direction of a minor religious cult, that is. ;) smile.gif The idea is the group to all buy something but preferably not poison or knifes and use them all at the same time.


6th April 2004, 11:43
Moray: You lost me completely.???

Just wanted to express a genuine thanks to Anders whose permission I sought and to Adam for his assistance.

Hosting my next G.B. for very cost effective FMICs on here will also assist S. de B. who expressed a concern at taking up disproportionate band width and detracting from the attractiveness of S/Net as an advertising medium. The spin off is that we get more new members and obviously I had to clear it with Anders.

6th April 2004, 11:50
Well at least Simon. caught on.

6th April 2004, 12:25
Originally posted by MorayMackenzie:
Well at least Simon. caught on. Doesn't happen very often.. I have marked today on the calender as it is important that I can prove I did catch on at some point in my life time smile.gif


6th April 2004, 14:48
I see that SDB has unlocked the forum on the other board recently.

6th April 2004, 17:27
Now there's a suprise! smile.gif