View Full Version : WANTED STi Strut top mounts

14th March 2004, 16:17
Wanted full set of STi Strut top mounts, email if you want to get rid of any.

Oops wrong forum, please move to wanted forum.

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14th March 2004, 18:05

If you don't find any secondhand then you may want to look at www.japanparts.com (http://www.japanparts.com) as they have them listed.


15th March 2004, 10:16
do these allow for increased castor and what effect do they have on NVH?

15th March 2004, 12:21
Adam - no, and none I could notice. To look at, they're identical to stock units. Like the engine/GB mounts, they're much stiffer though.


15th March 2004, 14:40
In that case I would rather go with the ones moray found some time ago from mrt which allow castor change etc but still have a bushing so as not to ridiculously increase nvh.

they may increase ride height on standard dampers though so I will have to look into how to fit them.

16th March 2004, 12:47
The MRT adjustable top mounts add 10-15mm in ride height, according to their web site.

I'm looking at using them on mine with lowered springs to maintain ride height.


16th March 2004, 13:34
the ones I refer to are not mrt, they are available from mrt.

Moray knows the make.

They allow for adjustament but still have rubbr bushings and do not increase nvh.